Tips on how to travel in style and how to minimize stress while travelling: comfortable headphones, multitasking makeup, travelling face mist etc.

Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or heading on a holiday, travelling is a necessary part of many people’s holiday season. It’s always important to plan ahead and pack smart, but this time of year, it’s essential. Busy airports, traffic jams, unpredictable weather, endless lines, and time pressures can turn even the most festive folk into angry Grinches.

While I can’t control the weather, airports, roads, or much else in relation to holiday travel, I can bring a few creature comforts along for the ride. After a few travel mishaps, I’ve discovered these suitcase essentials that minimize turbulent travel and maximize my comfort.

1. Multitasking Makeup – I’ve been trying to master the art of packing light for years, and I’m now convinced that being a thorough packer must be in my genetics.  To minimize my packing without compromising my suitcase contents, I’ve started packing multitasking makeup.  Lise Watier’s Palette Jardine De Givre does double duty with jewel-toned eye shadows and a creamy black eyeliner all packed into one elegant compact.

2. Comfortable Headphones – Block out unwanted sound and listen to your favourite music with a comfortable pair of headphones. Made out of a silk-satin and chiffon blend, Molami’s Twine Headphones wrap around your head and are perfect for in-flight naps.

3. Face Mist – When an angel gives you advice, you listen. While interviewing Victoria’s Secret Angel Lindsay Ellingson, she shared with me that one of her favourite beauty secrets is to refresh her skin mid-day with a face mist that includes hyaluronic acid.  After a long flight with recycled, dry air, Benefit’s Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist feels like heaven.

4. Water-Repellent Travel Bag – I realized the importance of a waterproof bag when I opened my suitcase after a flight and was greeted by the strong scent of my shampoo.  An entire bottle of shampoo and three loads of laundry later, I now pack everything in sealable, waterproof bags like Urbanara’s Hirschberg Travel Washbag. With an interior made out of water-repellent PVC coated cotton, and an exterior made out of leather, this travel bag is both practical and stylish.

5. Drink Tumbler – I like to bring an empty travel mug with me on all my trips for a convenient beverage no matter where I am. Once I pass through security, I grab a coffee and take it on the plane for a spill-free flight.  I’m always on the hunt for a stylish tumbler, and Starbucks’ Hammered Rose Gold Tumbler instantly caught my eye.   Double-walled and vacuum sealed, it keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold beverages cold.

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