Dedicated Post – Top 6 Cities to Visit for Fashion Lovers

A list of the best shopping cities and vacations for fashion lovers.

Who doesn’t love to shop till they drop? For anyone who loves to shop, part of a fantastic vacation is the shopping available in a particular destination. Some cities offer a bounty of riches, while others aren’t as ideal for true-blue fashionistas. With so many fashionable and chic cities that are known for trendsetting, how do people decide where to go? Here are six of the top cities to visit for fashion lovers.

New York

It will come as no surprise to learn that the Big Apple yields nothing to other fashion meccas in its ability to capture the design zeitgeist.  As well as offering exclusive shopping on famous streets such as Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue, New York boasts its own Fashion Week where the hottest new trends often debut amidst a riot of media interest.  Whether its ‘optimistic glamour,’on trend cuts, or the latest styles, New York City is the shop window that showcases them all.

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Los Angeles

Every year, tourists flock to Los Angeles to bask in the reflected glamour of nearby Hollywood.  However, once visitors have exhausted the beautiful sandy beaches, there is no shortage of fabulous fashion shopping to enjoy throughout the year: check out Santa Monica Place, Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue, or Venice Beach for a quirkier look.

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There is no doubt that couture is the first word that most fashion lovers think of when they hear someone talking about Paris. It is one of the most important fashion cities in the world, and has incredible shopping. Trendy, chic boutiques fill the beautiful neighborhoods, and stylish people are found in every corner café. Fashion and Paris are almost synonymous. Paris is home to many couture fashion houses, which play an integral role in the final segment of the major fashion weeks every year. Don’t miss the Champs-Elysees, where shoppers will enjoy the perfect amalgamation of couture designers, tourist spots and global chains.

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Hong Kong

Keen fashion fans often ignore Hong Kong, when in fact, it’s a major fashion city. Hong Kong is all about luxury, exclusivity and convenience. It has seen an explosion in tourist activity, and the fashion world has noticed. Because the city has lower import duties and so much incoming business, luxury goods are often available at a much lower cost. The city is filled with malls and boutiques, all ready and willing to strike the fancy of every passing fashion lover. And they do it right: even the chain stores have a boutique and fabulous feel to them.

Hong Kong – Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Las Vegas

Most people know Sin City because of its casinos and nightlife, but few realize just what an important fashion city it is. The dazzling surroundings and vibrant lights inspire many Vegas-based designers. Fashion is a major part of the Las Vegas economy; what would those showgirls wear each night without their beloved designers? The Strip also has some of the best shopping in the U.S.— comparable to New York and Los Angeles— with major fashion boutiques and couture houses in the city. Many hotels like Circus Circus have malls and high-end stores built in, making shopping convenient and easy.


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There’s always something happening in London; this bustling British city has an undeniable fashionable presence. Each year, London holds its own Fashion Week where everyone who is anyone can be seen picking out their wardrobe for the next season. Visitors should check out Oxford Street and the Knightsbridge area for luxury shopping, while the Camden Markets and Carnaby Street offer more affordable items.

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