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Hellooo interweb readers!

Sugar is an amazing natural ingredient that can be incorporated into anyone’s skincare routine! Its perfect for all skin types and provides amazing results – the video focuses on achieving smooth skin and lips, However I within this post I will be focusing on other ways to prevent chapped lips!

My friends and now you guys, will know that I have a huge pet peeve for chapped lips – I absolutely cannot stand having chapped lips and I’m sure none of you want that either! so, upon sam’s request , I’ve made a short list of the top 3 ways you can prevent your lips from being / looking chapped! 
They always say, the condition of your skin / lips / hair is a reflection of you internal health and lets be real, who doesn’t want kissable lips like Rosie huntington whitley or Barbra palvin? I know i do. So the very first step in preventing your lips from chapping is…

1) Lip Balm
My all time favourite lip balm would have to be from Smith’s , they’re Rosebud Salve is amazing, it has the smoothest texture ever and the best part is that it comes in a pot form for you to have around the house or even in a tube form for you to take out and about. 
I understand that there are other brands similar to the Rosebud salve, but I personally feel that this has a smoother and silkier texture. I like to apply this along with my morning / night routine and before the application of lip products throughout the day to ensure that my lips still look plump.
2) Hydration
Hydration is key ladies! Water flushes out the toxins out of our body and is reflected on our skin. 8 glasses of water a day should be the target for all of us especially because we’re all on summer break now. Drink lots of water prevents your lips from cracking and looking flushed.
3) Exfoliation
Exfoliating your lips removes the layer of dead skin cells revealing a softer layer. In the video you can see how I can easily make 2 types of lip exfolitants with things I have around the house as well as using my rosebud salve. 
I know this post is short but It works hand in hand with the video on Sugar therapy! If you guys have any questions about your lip condition etc and how to further care for your lips – do not hesitate to leave it as a comment either on the youtube video or this post!
I hope it helped you all in one way or another!


ps: the lips look stained in the after photograph, but its 100% natural from the result of rubbing the sugar against your lips.

Sugar Therapy

Should you have any requests for videos / feedback, do leave them in the comments!
Here’s to soft kissable lips! ( ♥ )Ashley 

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