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It’s going to be a brand new week soon everyone!

How are you doing? I for one am not ready for this week to start. I’ve been so busy with the blog I’ve hardly had time to deal with school work – eeps! 😡

Though admittedly we haven’t been posting as often because we’ve had some other stuff to settle!

But for now, let’s leave that out of our minds (or my mind more like), and concentrate on the post I’ve got up today!

I joined Ohsofickle‘s Free Hair Makeover giveaway on instagram, and was one of the very few girls who won! (I literally jumped in my chair when my cousin told me she saw my name on the chosen list!) I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to go with, as I could literally choose to do anything I wanted- I was allowed 1 free haircut and any service of my choice.

Eventually, I decided to do their Japanese. Now, now, I know. Out of everything in the world I could have selected to do, I decided on that!?

Let me explain more.

– – 

I went to the Essensuals at Bugis, which is honestly quite well-known. It’s sponsored many bloggers and has gained so much popularity over a rather short time.

Now, many girls I know would opt for the current trends like dip-dyed/ombre hair, or pretty funky new-age edgy hairstyles. Please know that I am really not that adventurous type. I find what looks good on me and I stick to it. Sometimes I make some changes here and there but essentially I find that I look pretty much the same.

I’ve permed, colored, electrocuted (that’s what perming your hair is called in a China salon) my hair, and have had lengths from boyish to waist-length. Currently I’m settled on chest-length, center parting, naturally black hair.  The problem really isn’t the style, as mentioned. It is the state it is in.

Terrifying, I know. It looks like static runs through my hair. Which I am convinced sometimes that it does. It is difficult to think that I may not have descended from the Woolly Mammoth or Big Foot with my type of hair, but there you have it.

Bryan, my stylist was pretty astonished that I have done absolutely nothing to care for my hair. Actually, a lot of people are kind of shocked (shrugs). So hence, I guess you got to the root of why I chose to have a treatment instead of any other kind of service.

So these are the steps to getting my makeover:

First, as with all hair makeovers: the hair cut. Apparently my hair had been rather thick and wiry and needed a good thinning and trim. You can see the result 😡 That’s really a whole lot of hair. My head definitely felt lighter afterwards.

Bryan was quite meticulous in telling me what would be good for me and how I could improve the state of my hair. I have naturally wavy hair, so he said he could bring that out with a better cut than the one I had before. I trusted him so I left him to do whatever he felt would be best.

I then went for a hair wash, and came back to have the Japanese Spa Treatment put into my hair and left under the steamer for about a good 20 minutes thereabout. It was warm steam at first but cooled off after to lock in the moisture and effects of the treatment.

After I was done with that, I went for another hair wash and returned for a blow dry. The lady who was blowing my hair for me was extremely detailed and took her time with what I asked.

I did say I had naturally wavy hair and wanted something loose, but I think she kind of mistook it as I wanted curly hair.. and so that is what you see in the picture. A lot of curls. However, granted that she spoke Mandarin and mine is rather down the drain, I find it hard to blame her.

The After Photo:

Well, as you can see here, it really is very curly! The effect didn’t last long because I kept running my fingers through my hair to loosen the curls.. which worked effectively enough.

My hair was and is definitely much softer and feels very smooth to the touch. Most treatments I’ve done at this price, which is originally about SGD$120 (though I got it for free), last about a month, so I’m going to wait it out and see how it goes.

Overall thoughts:

I did have a few thoughts being at the salon. One was that the salon did indeed look very beautiful. There were so many thoughtful details such as REALLY good lighting for photo taking (I did not even have to edit any of these photos taken), to magazines fanned out on the table after you return from your hairwash, to even your choice of juice upon arrival at the salon.

However, if you, like me, are rather shy, the whole scene may be quite intimidating. There is a constant flow of bloggers who will be taking so many photos of themselves, dolling themselves up, and posing for the camera, that you may feel a little out of place.

Now, I am only a small beauty blogger, but I did imagine that if I wasn’t I might feel really really awkward with so much going on around me. Otherwise, if you are immune to your environment, I guess it could be alright.

For a Free Hair Makover, I do not think there is much to ask for. I got a free haircut and free hair treatment. I am a easily satisfied customer. The only downfall to this whole thing was that I did not mention to him how thinning my hair actually makes it very poofy at the top (a mistake that is really solely my own). I totally forgot to mention that in the midst of everything going on.

In general, I do think it’s worth a visit just to have a consultation with Bryan. He will make you feel like you are in very professional hands for sure.

– –

To everyone, we’re sorry our posts have slowed down during the weekend. We have been busy filming our videos and dealing with other things.

I hope this was an insightful post to those who have been wanting to try the salon out!

Have a good Sunday everyone, and take care! x

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(♥) Sam 

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