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Recently, Ashley and I have been on a pretty good roll! We’ve attended two events in the span of about two weeks wherein we got to meet and talk to bloggers ranging across Beauty and Lifestyle! Its been such an eye-opener and really such great opportunities. We are so thankful for everything.

Today we’ll be talking about the Elle Spectre Tea with HP event that we attended at Fullhouse Signature in Clarke Quay with four very popular beautiful bloggers.


Fullhouse Signature, a casual restaurant serving all age groups, was closed for the day to host this private event. I’ve never been for food there before, but it appears that the location was HUGE! There were about 50+ people present and it was not even near squeezy! I also loved how the sofas and chairs all looked so plush, we all felt so much like royalty.

Elle’s Fashion Editor (shown above) made us feel even more welcome with interesting speech and wonderful introduction to the event. He was always so cheerful and friendly; everyone in the room felt so comfortable and at ease!

Now, when I say the place was huge, I MEAN the place was huge! There was a special corner set aside for all us girls to get complimentary makeovers from VDL Cosmetics so they could look all dressy and beautiful for the photobooth! Ash and I had already done our own makeup at home, so we went over to take our photos first!

The photobooth wasn’t too big an area, but it was pretty cosy and there were props that we could use such as speech bubbles, funny wigs, large sunglasses, etc. It was so clear that everything was meticulously planned so everyone would have a fun time today! Once everyone had taken their photos at the booth, they could also create a collage (if they took a few) and get it printed as a keepsake! Very very cool.

Introduction to the HP Spectre 13T-300 Ultrabook

Here we go, this is the star attraction and what we all went down for – to know more about the very new HP Spectre Ultrabook! We were given a quick presentation and insight into the laptop and its many functions. We even got to play around and carry it to see how sleek and light it was.

The Ultrabook is Ultra Cool because you can use the mousepad/control pad, and also manipulate through touch screen! Ash and I were just talking about how useful and convenient that would be for us to create our blog posts! Plus just LOOK at the resolution. Amazing! Those photos were taken from a recent Elle photoshoot in Rome and they looked so crisp. We were completely floored.

The marketing manager, Kendrick, also talked to us about how thin the Ultrabook was, measuring at only 18mm. It comes with the Beats Audio, which we all know is one of the best in the market! The new control panels are also easy to remember and use. Truly nothing to complain about.

Plus there were great deals going on today, with it costing about a good $300-400 less than the original price, and coming with a great warranty plan! So many people were excited about it, as they definitely should have been. The warranty plan was made to cover those of us who love drinking liquids near our laptops (COMPUTER SIN #1!!) and those who are just plain rough (does some inner reflection here lol). 

The computer comes with the latest Windows 8 software, in case any of you are interested. The resolution lies at about 1920 x 1080 🙂

Adobe Lightroom 5

One of the activities we got to participate in today was learning how to use Adobe’s Lightroom 5! It seemed very very strongly made for bloggers, lol. I know, what am I saying, it was definitely made for photographers and the like – but hey, as a blogger, it’s a damned useful software I’m telling you.

The positive side was that we got to learn different tips and tricks from our favorite bloggers! There were four today though the pictures above show Evonnz, Yina and Beatrice only. Tricia from Vain Glorious You was there as well. Needless to say.. they were all flawlessly gorgeous.

The negative side was that we had to pass these beautiful women our (presumably unglamorous) selfies and watch them work their magic. There’s an almost embarrassing element to this whole thing.. like showing your average naked body to a whole room of Victoria Secret models hahaha.

Ash and I approached Evonnz, a lovely blogger we’ve been following for awhile now. True to what we’ve heard, she’s just so sweet and nice. She constantly cracked jokes with us, and was so patient with our many many questions about Lightroom. She was also extremely NOT judgmental when she saw our untouched photos and only gave us suggestions to improve them!

The BEST part of all this was that she recognized us as bloggers as well! We were so honored 🙂 

P/S: In case you were wondering what was the whole point of the selfies and touching up.. it was that we had to each print one out and submit them to enter in a lucky draw! Since we stood a chance to win this very awesome Ultrabook, Ash and I just went for it lol.

Rest and Lunch

Since there were tons of girls dying to talk to Evonnz, Ash and I retreated to the food corner to have something to fill our stomachs. 

Me, being the greedy monster that I am, filled up on yummy spaghetti, some chicken chop and spring rolls (look at Ashley’s near empty plate compared to mine)….. Terrible girl, I know. Having it all accompanied on the side with refreshing iced lemon tea was truly the cherry on top of the cream. 

Actually just thinking about it now is getting me a little hungry again.. I cannot be saved.. lol.

Lucky Draw

Before we knew it, it was time for the announcing of the lucky draw winners!!!! *clangs the cymbals*

There were four consolation prizes, all of which was a wireless HP speaker, and one main prize which was the Ultrabook! As you can see for yourself.. I WON THE CONSOLATION PRIZE!!! Hahahaha. I actually wasn’t THAT excited because I was really hoping for the laptop.. but you know that dialect saying, “no fish, prawn also can”? Yes that was applicable.

Definitely I was happy though, I mean, I actually won something! Never expected that in a million years. So as a nice touristy gesture, Ash took a photo of me and our photos to commemorate the special moment hahaha. It was great feeling and being a winner all at once!

Mingle Session

Before we left, Ash and I took some more photos and mingled with the other bloggers. I got to talk to the very pretty Yina! I know it was random.. but I could not help but ask her about her Accutane Journey! I’m always so interested when it comes to skincare (hence the beauty blogger job).. and I loved how she indulged me!!

We actually talked about her breakout, how Accutane saved her, how she had to tolerate going out with the acne, etc. It was a very real conversation and I really appreciated it. Evonnz also joined in at one point and we all had a few good laughs.

Overall, it was a great day! Ash and I really had a lot of fun and it was one of those events we thoroughly enjoyed. January has been a great month so far and we believe it will only continue to improve as this year progresses! 🙂

Do look out for our January Favorites post soon guys, we love you!

Here’s to a great CNY week!(♥)Sam

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