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Hi lovelies,

About a month ago, thanks to Benefit Cosmetics Singapore, I got to meet the amazing Jared Bailey who is Benefit Cosmetics International Spokesperson for Global Services, AKA their Global Brow expert and we teamed up to virtually bring your the experience what it’s like getting your brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar!

I never touched my brows or thought I needed up up till 2 years ago and ever since, its made all the more the difference. It just gives your face a very polished look and now, I go back about every 3 /4 weeks to get my brows done.

I know I know, this is the part you’re looking out for 😉 There is a GIVEAWAY over on our youtube channel when you stand a chance to win SG$280 worth of Benefit goodies along with some of their signature brow products and their new franchise They’re Real which includes their mascara, eyeliner and makeup remover! Contest ends 29th of June so hurry!! 

Thank you so much to everyone that entered! The giveaway is now closed and we have selected a winner! We will have more giveaways in the future so stay tuned for that
Aside from getting to witness the Benefit Brow experience from the comfort of your home in this post you’ll also be getting to see glimpses of the Benefit dinner where we got to know Jared a little better with a couple of other amazing bloggers!


This is the typical Brow Bar set up you’ll see at almost any Benefit Cosmetic counters or Stores. You’ll see everything from their special wax to muzzling cloths which they use as the base to wax off the hairs.

Fact* Benefit uses muzzling cloths because they find that the material texture allows the wax to grip the hairs better and to provide a clean finish that aids to the wince free technique that Benefit is oh-so-famous for!

Brow Mapping

Of course, there are several steps but the most important step and one that is unique to the brow services at Benefit would be brow mapping! This process can obviously be used to fill in your brows but ! is a crucial step before waxing because it allows you to see what your “new” brows will look like before the brow experts get about to making you look amazing 😉

Here’s a little blurb that describes the process with much detail.

1. First we take a pencil and line it up with the inner corner of your nose and the inner corner of your eye. Then, we make a mark there using brow zings or any other brow pencil. This tells you where your eyebrow should start.

2. Next, we hold the pencil horizontally from the outside corner of your nose through the outer corner of your pupil and make another mark—as this is where your arch should be

3. Finally, we line up the outer corner of your nose with the outer corner of your eye to make the final mark—this is where your eyebrow should end. Now, we can carefully fill in from mark to mark with brow zings to create your new and improved brow.

I know it may look a little silly and believe me, when I first had my brows done at the Benefit Brow bar, it was definitely an unusual step to witness but definitely a crucial step to what will help you get am amazing set of brows. It also kinda gives you a look into the shape of your brows before they wax all the little nasties that have hidden these beautiful pair of brows away. 

Getting my brows done with the expert!

On to the most exciting part of the post – I was so honoured to have the expert, Jared himself work his magic on my brows. It was the most pain-free experience ever!

The Video

Those girls who tell you that brow waxing hurts? Yeah, pfft.. they’re clearly getting it done at the wrong place. I felt no pain whatsoever! I even took my best friend from Hong Kong to the benefit brow bar and she felt NOTHING, no pain whatsoever.

Also! A huge shoutout to our lovely friend Natasha for taking time out to come help us film on the day itself! *kisses*

Here is a before and after! Can you see how polished and clean my right brow looks? Jared turned my ” Brow woe into a brow WOW!” ( yes, a signature yet very applicable quote from Benefit cosmetics) 😉

Volia! I know, self-praise isn’t very the best form of flattery but I mean, How good do my brows look? It looks so polished and I really only have Benefit and Jared to thank for making my brows look so amazing. In the time that Jared was doing my brows, I got to know him a lot more and it was just an enjoyable experience having to get to know him and he was just super sweet to talk to! Jared if you’re reading, Thank you so much and I hope to see you in town again soon! 🙂

Dinner with Jared bailey x Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics organized an amazing dinner at P.S Cafe  later that night where several other amazing bloggers got to together along with the Benefit team and Jared to get to know each other a little better and to exchange beauty pet peeves too! It was just an open ground to discuss anything and it was nice to have a more personal and cozy get-to-know each other session this way as oppose to a press conference kinda ordeal.

Of course, what’s a proper post without showing you guys the amazing food that we had that night? I had the  Turkey cranberry sandwich (which was a huge portion I might add) along with truffle fries which was shared amongst those at the table! 🙂

Sorry if you’re reading this a time where you’re extremely vulnerable because I know I always happen to stumble along amazing food photos when I’m extremely hungry… From left to right: Leanne (@loveforskincare), Jared, Me and Becks (@becksko)We got to meet several bloggers that night and although I didn’t get to grab a photograph with everyone. It was certainly nice to have gotten to meet such amazing people, the benefit team and just have a great evening with good food. from left to right: Amy, margret & aceLast but not least, I got to meet these brow experts from Benefit Cosmetics! These are three of the most amazing brow experts that you can find at TANGS, Vivo and ION respectively. Regardless, anyone you approach at the Benefit brow bars are always very friendly and provide nothing but the best service!

This might sound like a sales pitch here, but it isnt! I visit the benefit brow bars even before we teamed up with them for this collab and had nothing but a great experience. Not to mention I always walk out with incredible brows to frame my face right after too. 

Thank you so much to Benefit Cosmetics for the amazing evening, I honestly had the best time and wish Sam was in town to enjoy the fun filled day with me too. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway over on our youtube channel!  GIVEAWAY DETAILS can be found on our youtube video right here.Good luck!much love,(♥)Ash


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