First impressions: Crest 3D whitening strips

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Hi my lovelies!

I’ve been on the hunt for these babies for the LONGEST time ever – They apparently don’t carry it in Singapore so the search continued into the first couple of weeks since I got back to Hong Kong. I finally found it at a Watsons at Tsim Sha Tsui and couldn’t wait to try it out.

I am a big fan of drinking Tea since I was a kid and  I definitely prefer it over coffee except over winter break when the Toffee Nut latte’s come out at starbucks 🙂 haha – I’ve never whitened my teeth before and hence overtime my teeth have become quite stained and I actually made a resolution this year to take better care of my dental health.

I purchased the Crest 3D whitening strips with the intensity power of 4 ( that was the only one left ) along with the stain prevention tooth paste as I don’t intend on using the strips every single night because it might cause my teeth to become rather sensitive.

The strips 

The toothpaste


The application process was interesting it was as simple as

1) Peeling the bottom strip off first
2) Pressing the strip down for 2 seconds and folding the back part over
3) Repeat the process with the front strip
4) wait it out for 30 mins


Upon applying the strips, I felt that there were several air pockets within the strip and my teeth and pressed it down several times throughout the 25 mins that I had it on for. Much later, around 20 minutes into the process, I felt a sharp shock on one of my tooth  and removed the strip right after. 

I did look it up, the shock is most likely because I selected the strips that had the whitening power of 4 and it might be too strong for my teeth especially for the first time – so all you have to do if this happens to you is perhaps to cut down the time that you have the strips on.

About 10 minutes later, I continued the routine by using the stain protection toothpaste to end.

The morning after
After using the tooth paste in the morning , I ran my tongue along the front of my teeth and felt that it was really smooth and what surprised me was that It stayed this way throughout the entire day. It really gave me the feeling of super clean teeth after a trip to the dentist and am longing to use the strips again tonight.

Current Routine
I only use the strips on alternative days but use the toothpaste both morning and night.

Progress So far

So I didn’t quite have proper lighting when the night I gave the strips a go for the first time but you can somewhat see that the colour has lightened very slightly.  I’ve got my camera stand set up at the spot where I took day one so rest assured that the photographs will be taken at the same time, same angle for the next 10 days or so!

Stockist: Watsons (Crest strips: HK$198 // Toothpaste: HK$38)

I cannot wait to see the results and if you tried this product do let me know what your experience was like in the comments 🙂 look out for the followup post within a week or two from now.

My final thoughts are now up! you see the before and after photographs here

bye bye stained teeth!much love( ♥ )Ashley

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