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Hey babes,

if you’ve been following us on Instagram (@samanthashley_ ), you’d know we just recently ended our IG giveaway for TWO of these gorgeous boxes last Sunday! And we did get quite a few interesting responses, though we are pretty sorry and sad we couldn’t pick you all! 🙁

Don’t worry though because here is another shot at winning this! It’s easy, and all you have to do is join our Rafflecopter at the end of the post – so do read on because you may miss out on some important details! 😉 Also, we will be talking more in-depth about all the beautiful items inside, so don’t go anywhere.

What the box is about: I’m sure you guys are familiar with the whole once-a-month box kinda deal. Not going to mince my words here because it’s good to stay honest. It’s a competitive market out there and Singapore has almost TOO MANY Subscription Boxes to go around. What all of us need to know is what makes this stand out against the rest.

Sure, this Little Black Beauty Box may send goodies your way with FREE SHIPPING, but you’re probably thinking, what’s new? And why do they have the nerve to say that you should INDULGE in the PRIVILEGE? Well, then you need to read on to know.


Above are the stunning treats you’ll get in this August Jet Setter Box.

1) Benefit Cosmetics’ Dream Screen
Benefit’s recently launched sunscreen is well known and well loved because of its Broad Spectrum (very important!) SPF 45 silky matte feel, its lightweight texture, and the fact that it is truly invisible when applied on the skin!It absorbs instantly and protects skin from sun damage, whilst keeping it hydrated! It is also fragrance free for those with sensitive skin.

2) Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream
This is one of Kiehl’s star products and should require no introduction but, for those who are unfamiliar, this a 24-hour light-textured daily moisturizer that leaves skin comfortable and well-balanced. This helps reduce moisture loss whilst drawing water from the air! Skin will be left smooth and healthy-looking.

3) Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance EDT
A successor to its original perfume, Romance, and with a much more seductive tone to it. You will get your passions awakened by raspberry, Italian bergamot and juicy litchi at the top of the composition, and then slowly let it set in to release peony, sambac jasmine and freesia warmed with a sexy blend of black vanilla, ambroxan and iris absolute. A lovely date scent to take out with you in your purse.

4) SKII Cellumination Mask In Lotion
This is a mask in the form of a toning lotion that is sure to give you long-lasting hydration and a glowing complexion. One application a day is similar to the effects of using a substrate mask, and your skin will thank you for it.

5) SKII Cellumination Deep Surge EX
This light daily moisturizer is infused with an advanced whitening complex Aura Bright Cocktail EX along with Pitera (derived from rice) that deeply hydrates your skin, evens it out, and even boosts its luminosity. With everyday usage, your dullness of the skin along with appearance of spots are to be minimized.

You can read more about my feelings on this here.

6) Sulhwasoo Perfecting Cushion in 23 Medium Beige
This is a multi-cushion foundation that will give you flawlessly healthy resilience and radiance with perfect coverage and long-lasting hydration. It’s all over the pages of Beauty Instagrammers and raved about by everyone. My own sister-in-law has this and says its worth every penny you pay for it.

7) Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream
This is a highly moisturizing anti-dark circles eye cream that is specially developed to combat two major causes of dark circles: pigmented melanin and poor micro-circulation – these are the two causes of brown and blue circles under the eyes. It contains multi-luminizing powder with light diffusing properties as well to bring instant luminosity to the eye area. MakeupAlley rates it a whopping 4.1. That should tell you a lot.

8) Radical Skincare Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture
This is a unsurpassed and wonderful multi-tasking cream that helps even out, hydrate and firm the skin. It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates and helps boost skin firmness and elasticity whilst leaving the skin brighter.

9) Ioma Cell Protector SPF50+ PA+++
This is a global protective skincare that is capable of counteracting the aggressions normally caused by exposure to sun and environmental stress such as pollution and free radicals. It is SPF 50+ PA+++ and has the highest possible daily protection against UVA and UVB rays. It also contains Desoxine, which is capable of limiting aging due to oxidative processes.

10) Crazily Amazing Vouchers
You’ll also get vouchers for samples you’re dying to try such as Bobbi Brown’s foundation stick, a 1-for-1 nail pampering session with your BFF, a TANGS shopping voucher, and the list goes on. It’s like buying a box of treats but getting way more than you paid for!


You also get EXTRA perks for buying the boxes that include coveted spots in StyleXStyle’s exclusive La Prairie, La Mer and Guerlain workshops!

For La Prairie, you’ll get to be one of the first in Singapore, on 22 August 2014, to try out their Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare eye cream to banish those wrinkles and dark circles for good!

For La Mer, you’ll get to preview La Mer’s newest skincare innovation, the Intensive Revitalizing Mask, and receive expert advice on how to protect your skin against pollutants.

Last of all, for Guerlain, you will get to join celebrity makeup artist, Andy Lee, as he demonstrates the art of effortless French Seduction. Learn how to create the signature look from Guerlain’s KissKiss lipstick collection and discover how you can achieve radiant skin with the Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum range and Meteorites loose powder! 🙂

Read more about their workshops here:


Well if you want to join this giveaway and win these fabulous goodies (WE HAVE TWO BOXES TO GIVE TO YOU!), then fill up this Rafflecopter and you will be on your way.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

All the best, and we hope you have fun!(♥)Sam

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