Easy DIY Home Decor Project – Marble jewellery tray (or dish) that you can use to organize your jewellery and rings. A great DIY gift idea for friends and mom.

While perusing Instagram in bed the other day (as we do), I came across a DIY that literally made me stop scrolling in my tracks: a marbled clay dish ring tutorial by A Beautiful Mess.

I love everything marble and it’s no secret that I love a good DIY project (have you checked out my window frame bulletin board or my necklace organizer?), so even though the photos looked intimidating at first, I had to try it.


Some groups of friends like to party until 2 am, but mine like to bake, eat cookies, and get crafty until the early morning, so I rounded up a few of my besties and we got to work.  We found all the materials at our local Michael’s store (tip: download the Michael’s app for coupons you can use instantly in store) and got to work.  It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be; in fact, it was ridiculously easy. I’ve provided a general idea of the process below, but for the full details, check out the original tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.  Warning: it’s very easy to spend hours browsing all the gorgeous photos, tutorials, and inspiration you’ll find on ABM.

What You’ll Need: Oven bake clay (I used the Sculpey variety pack and Sculpey white), parchment paper, an X-Acto knife, a few oven-safe bowls, gold gilding, a small paint brush, glaze, a rolling pin (or an empty wine bottle or jar), and glaze.

1. Lay down parchment paper and use your hands to roll multiple strips of white and coloured clay into varying lengths.  I  tried different lengths and thicknesses of each strip, which ultimately determines the colour and pattern of your dish.

2. Combine the strips and twist together; then roll, fold in half, twist, and roll again.  Repeat the process multiple times. You can’t go wrong here; the more you roll and twist, the more the colours will blend.  Roll into a ball when you’re done.

3. Use a rolling pin, glass jar, or an empty wine bottle, roll out the ball into a flat pancake. Blend the colours as you go. My first couple trays felt very fragile, so I started making them thicker by adding more coloured or white clay in step 1.

4. Using the edge of a round bowl or jar, trace and cut out your dish with an X-Acto knife. Place your clay circle into an oven safe bowl or set it gently on top of one to create a shallow tray.  We used a few different dishes and mixed and matched them to create different shapes. Bake the clay according to the directions on the package; they will still feel a bit soft to the touch, but will harden as they cool.

5. Once cooled, gently remove the dish and paint the edges of the tray with gold gilding. Leave overnight and then paint the entire tray with a glaze to seal it and/or give it a glossy finish – note that this will not make it unbreakable or food safe.










marble-bowls-diyNote: DIY Design and Concept Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess. 

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