I Heart Holts – Announcement of Our Holt Renfrew Window Display Feature and the Fabulousness that Goes on Behind the Scenes

I am so proud to announce that Van City Pretty will be starting a new feature. I Heart Holts will showcase the incredible creativity and hard work that goes into creating Holt Renfrew’s Vancouver store windows. Every time I pass the Holts display windows, I’m astounded at the ingenuity, detail, and work that goes into them. I Heart Holts will bring you behind the scenes, discuss the trends, and take you into the stylish world of Holt Renfrew.

Although Vancouver hasn’t seen much of a spring or summer this year, Holt Renfrew’s windows can help you pretend that you’ve earned a golden tan.  They include everything from an octopus to a treasure chest, and celebrate dads and all things summer.

Between schools of fish and mermaids, you’ll spot chunky jewellery in bold colours, with light and fun patterned tops.  Dapper outfits for dads are front row and centre, and feature key closet pieces like a versatile blazer or a comfortable polo.

Overall themes come from head office, but the details and specifics are homegrown by the Vancouver team.  Paper was used to create various textures such as scales, feathers, and even ice cream.

Everything in each window is suspended, which was a challenge that the Holt Renfrew visual team was up for.  The result is a fluid and playful world that showcases fashion pieces that reflect exactly that.  If the weather isn’t going to represent summer, at least our outfits can.

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