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Hi lovelies!

Instead of our usual beauty posts, I’d thought I’d do a quick instagram update for you all 🙂 These photographs are taken with my personal account and I’ve not been on instagram a whole lot lately because I’ve been out and about and only remember to take the photographs after the days all over -.-, smart eh?

On to the events … 

1// I had Cold vermicelli at a Vietnamese Restaurant for lunch with my brother, that was definitely amazing and I’ve missed having it whilst having been away in Singapore.2// My friend Chantal & I who I feel like I haven’t seen in AGES! It was great catching up with her and again we only remembered to take the photograph together towards the end of the day before we both headed home.3// Tea at TWG! I’ve got this odd fascination with adding milk into hot tea, so I’m pretty sure the two photographs you see wont be my only few in the weeks to come. Being at TWG always reminds me of Sam & I’s girly tea sessions after a day of shopping or a hard day at school haha, so It did feel slightly different without her there this time… 4// A throwback for mothers day 🙂 She’s the strongest woman I know, and I’m so thankful to have been brought up the way I have and I wouldn’t be anywhere today without her 🙂 Love you mum!5 // Breakfast with my dad one morning and again with my fascination for milk/ tea6// At Sift Cupcakes with one of my best friend! We ordered the chocolate and the red velvet which would have went well with a hot cup of tea 🙂7 // Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate bites, holy crap – these are the – If anyone is going to the states… please let me know, I’d love to get some more ! These are probably the only kind of dark chocolate I’ll eat, I’m more of a milk chocolate person.8 // Me and Zoe aka, fashiononymous – She’s the sweetest girl ever and I’m so glad to have met her! 9// Nouveau Fashion Show ( click here for the post about it) feel free to follow my personal instagram @ashleytx16 and our blog instagram @samanthashley_
Anywho, thats my quick update for now! Thankfully more of my friends here in Hong Kong are on their summer break so there will be a lot more photographs popping up on my instagram in the weeks to come 🙂  I hope you all are having a lovely Friday. I will be posting a beauty post soon and will be filming a favourites video to sum up my favourites for the month of may, so stay tuned 😉 Here’s to a great weekend!TGIF!(♥)Ashley

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Hi, I’m Samantha Joy but please feel free to call me Sam! Welcome to my space where I pen down all my thoughts ranging from personal posts to beauty and lifestyle! Samantha dabbles with marketing by day, and is a beauty writer by night. is an avenue for her to connect more closely with her readers and shares her tips and tricks with them! With her sunshine smile, it is no wonder why she is adored by her readers!

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