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Hi everyone,

How’s your Good Friday going? I’m a Catholic so I’d be doing the usual, going to mass, abstaining from meat, etc. What about the rest of you? (answer: reading this post, duh.)

Sorry, I tend to talk a lot to myself, one of the few effects of stress.. but okay enough about me, our blog is doing something quite different on this Holy Day, and we thought we’d like to bring focus to someone else rather than us. So what does that mean?

Well, we’re going to be featuring an interview with an exceptionally pretty and stylish fashion blogger, who also happens to be a very close and dear friend, Charmaine from Fat House Cats.

Isn’t she just gorgeous!? I, personally, am so jealous of her flawless skin and beautiful makeup – and if you guys are too, read on to know more about what she uses to keep looking this amazing!

1) First, an introduction! How long have you been blogging for?
For as long as I can remember! I’ve always been very interested in blogging, I used to make my own blogskins ( super nerdy I know ) for my own blogs and even picked up html then. But, getting into real lifestyle/style blogging has always been a dream of mine. I started working hard on it only after my “A” Levels ended, before that blogging was pretty much an “on and off” kinda thing. Now, I’m enjoying every bit of it!

2) What made you want to start blogging?
Well I guess my first answer overlaps with this oops. Haha she’s my hugest inspiration: Olivia Lopez from
Lust for life.
I’ve first been exposed to fashion blogging through her blog and I was obsessed with her. She’s petite like me but she pulls off fashion in such an amazing effortless way, my hat goes off to her. She started at a mere age of 14 and even though we are of the same height, she’s even signed to IMG Models- see girls, you can model even if you are petite. Though her style has changed over the years (and I can’t say I love it just as much back then), but the way she writes is still an inspiration. You can really tell if someone is an empty nutshell or not through the way one writes- I enjoy deciphering that.

3) Though you are more of a fashion blogger, do you still take skincare/makeup seriously?

Of course! Actually, I became more attentive to my skin and outlook after I started blogging. I wouldn’t call myself a fashion blogger though, I don’t exactly follow trends, I wear what I like. I would call myself a personal style blogger haha, does that sound weird?

Back in my JC or secondary school days, I felt like learning to put make up when going out with my friends was a bad thing, my friends even asked me whether I am very self- conscious… which made me start to wonder is putting on make-up such a superficial thing? But hey, years of thinking made me realize that no one should dictate how I want to look or feel. In fact, it isn’t superficial at all, what’s wrong with wanting to make yourself look better and feel better?

As for skincare, I’ve always been a very lazy person, so doing routine things have been a chore. But my mom is very particular about skincare, so I guess she influenced me to pay more attention to my skin, especially my dark eye circles. As for makeup, I’ve always been interested in it, I probably spend most of my time on youtube watching beauty and fashion vlogs! Till today, I’ve even learnt to apply a bit of eyeshadow only for mini photoshoots and I must say… it does wonders! 

4)Name one of your favorite skincare and makeup that you cannot live without and why?

Favourite skincare item: My Khiel’s Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Healing Treatment
I always get random breakouts on bad days, and this baby heals them over 2 days or so and I will definitely be holding on to this forever! Oh and the cream seems to last for an eternity.

Makeup: YSL Touche éclat and the YSL Anti-cernes concealer
I have very bad dark eye circles which I am conscious about, i’ve probably used up every concealer there is on Earth and I’ve settled for this because of its sufficient coverage and quality as well. It doesn’t clog up my skin and tends to only cake up a bit, definitely a must have for me!

5)What is one beauty item you’ve got your eye on right now?

Definitely the Naked Palette! I’ve bought the Naked basics and I must say they are amazing- eyeshadow, eyebrow powder and highlighter all in this mini case. I’m probably gonna get the Naked Palette as well before I go to the US!

Once again, we’d like to thank Charmaine for taking the time to do this interview with us, and we hope many of you will check out her many OOTDs and clothing recommendations on her blog here:!

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