Joe Fresh Beauty – Spring/Summer 2013 Makeup

Raspberry, melon, blueberry, watermelon, and cherry – just a few of the shades featured in the Spring/Summer 2013 Joe Fresh beauty collection.

Raspberry, melon, blueberry, watermelon, and cherry – it sounds like the perfect summer fruit salad, but it’s actually just a few of the shades featured in the Spring/Summer 2013 Joe Fresh beauty collection.

Harvest the latest trends and satisfy your sweet tooth these juicy summer picks.

Powder Blush, $6 each

Melon, the latest addition to the blush line,  is a bright and cheery shade of coral to  give your complexion a subtle burst of colour.

Powder Blush – Melon

NEW PRODUCT – Rose Gloss, $6 each

Rose Gloss looks like a potted rose, but it isn’t  just for show; these little pots of tinted balm are also ultra-moisturizing.

• Red, Pink, Peach, Berry, Coral and Mauve

Rose Gloss- Pink

Rose Gloss- Pink


Rose Gloss – Berry

Nail polish, $4 each or 3 for $10

The latest assortment of nail shades are a mix of punchy brights, glamorous glitter, and powdery pastels.

• Mojito Mix, Sour Citron, Periwinkle, Robin’s Egg, Blueberry, Aqua, Amethyst, Topaz, Buttercup, Melon, Cherry Blossom, Lavender, Watermelon.

Nail Polish- Mojito Mix

Nail Polish- Mojito Mix

Nail Polish- Periwinkle

Nail Polish- Periwinkle

Nail Polish- Sour Citron

Nail Polish- Sour Citron


Nail Polish – Lavender


Nail Polish – Blueberry


Nail Polish – Watermelon


Nail Polish – Topaz

Lip Gloss, $8 each

Three new shades have been added to the lip gloss collection:

• Sugar Plum: A lustrous rosy pink with just the right blend of colour and shine.
• Sweet Nectar: For a luminescent and peachy pout, use this gleaming soft coral shade.
• Nude Glaze: To add polish to your look, try this slick neutral shade with a very fine sparkling shimmer.

Lip Gloss – Nude Glaze

Matte Lipsticks, $6 each

The best new shades of red have been introduced to the Joe Fresh lipstick collection: a daring neon and a beautiful cerise.

• Neon Red: The shade that is on everyone’s most wanted list.
• Raspberry: The perfect blend of pink and red.

Matte Lipstick- Neon Red

Matte Lipstick- Neon Red

Joe Beauty 059

Matte Lipstick – Raspberry

NEW PRODUCT-  Bronzer Duos, $8 each

Each duo contains a matte or nearly matte  bronzer with a complementary shade of highlighter.

• Sun Kissed: A soft duo of champagne and tawny warmth.
• Golden Tan: Adds colour and luminosity to medium skin tones.
• After Glow: Gives deeper skin tones more brilliant colour.

Bronzer Duo- Sun Kissed

Bronzer Duo- Sun Kissed

Eye Shadow Singles, $4 each or 3 for $10

Expanding on the core collection of powder eye shadows, three new shades have been introduced:

• Apricot: This soft warm shade is excellent for achieving a hint of pretty colour.
• Rose Gold: An easy way to wear a touch of metallic on the eyes.
• Aqua: Vivid shades of blue have become one of the most coveted colours for eyes, and Aqua is an ideal shade for a burst of colour.

Rose Gold Eye Shadow

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