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Greetings inter web readers!

Its great to be back and I know my favorites post is long over due but here it is! Better late than never right? 😉 The month of July was spent mostly at under the sun and hence I did not experiment with very many beauty products but more of sunscreens and basic skin care items. Amongst the time that I had, I did however, manage to try out and rediscover bits and bobs here and there and have collated my top 5 products for you below!

Top Shop EyeBrow pencil 

I’ve never really cared for my brows up until half a year ago and lately I’ve been paying more attention to the way they are being groomed. So I often pluck my eyebrows to ensure that they stay within a set shape and not let them go wild. Most importantly, would be filling in my brows.

This shade is perfect, it isn’t too harsh and the texture of the brow pencil is smooth enough to blend out without flaking. ( Believe me, I’ve had one that wouldn’t blend out at all ) They come in two shades and I picked the darker one. It holds pretty decently but should you want that security I recommend getting a  brow gel to set your brows if you have very oily skin,

Stockist: TopShop stores
Price: SG$13

My Beauty Scheming Sheet Masks

Over the years, I’ve tested quite a number of sheet masks to see which one works best for me. Within this time frame, I’ve also realized that my cupids bow area and the area around my nose is incredibly sensitive because it itches once I put on certain masks. It’s not the tingly feeling but rather the itchiness that brings about discomfort. So far, one of the few masks that have not made me feel this way are the My beauty Scheming Sheet Masks! I love them so much that I bought some back from Hong Kong – in particularly the bird’s nest collagen mask,  I instantly feel the difference when I peel of the mask. My face feels a lot firmer and more toned.

I recommend using this product should you have semi- sensitive skin, its incredibly gentle and I always look forward to my pamper sessions once a week with the mask.

Stockist: Watsons/ SaSa / Colourmix (hk) 
Price: HK$45-50 ( again, I have not seen this in Singapore as of yet and am unsure of the price)

Shiseido Perfect UV sunscreen

I felt that it was time to include this product with my favorites even though we’ve talked about this on our blog quite a number of times. Why? I’ve gone back to purchase my second bottle already! I absolutely love the finish of the sunscreen, it leaves my skin feeling very smooth and doesn’t leave a sheen. It has a dry finish and it gives my skin the basic protection it needs!

Stockist: Shiseido Counters / SaSa
Price: HK$272 ( @ SaSa ) / HK$370 +  ( @shiseido counters ) // SG$ 50 + 

Hawaiin Tropics Dark Tanning oil 

I briefly mentioned this in my instagram update and I felt like it deserved a spot on my favorites of July. For anyone here who wants to get a tan over your holidays or whilst being out under the sun,  I recommend this product! Of course I’ve heard Baby oil is an option but this product smells heavenly. It smells like straight up Malibu from the bottle – a mix of coconut with a tropical twist. Smelling it just takes me back to being at the beach or the pool, pure bliss.

Sadly I did not take this product back to Singapore with me because I won’t have the time to tan here but it is beach must have for me whenever I decide to soak up some sun,

Stockist:  Watsons / colourmix
Price: HK$79 (I bought this in HK and am not sure of the price in sg:( apologies!)

Maybelline Flasies Mascara

I’ve run out of my cover girl lash blast fusion mascara which I have fallen deeply in love with – since then I’ve gone back into my beauty drawer to re-discover mascara’s that I have at hand and stumbled upon my Maybelline Flasies Mascara. The formulation is not wet nor sticky, it separates my lashes and gives it length. It clumps just the finest bit but the length that I get from the mascara truly opens up my eyes.

Stockist: Watsons/ SaSa 
Price: SG$20.90  

I hope you all have had a lovely July and of course, to our lovely Singaporean Readers, Happy Belated National Day! We hope you all are enjoying your long weekend!  

Here’s to an Amazing August!ps: Both Sam & I are August babies 🙂 Much Love(♥)Ashley

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