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it’s that time of the month again.. we are reaching September soon (and a huge revamp is coming up soon! 😉 So exciting!) So do look out for it. If you’d notice, we’ve already started implementing small changes here and there. If not, that’s fine, wait for the final reveal next month! 

Anyway, that aside, here are my Top 5 for this lovely month of August! Almost all these are given from friends and sponsors, and for that I feel so blessed. My birthday month has been nothing but great to me, so read on and find out why! 
– – 
Talika Cream Booster

This nifty little gadget came to my attention as I wandered around Sephora one day, and I got it after reading reviews on it for 5 days. Makeup Alley rated it a 5.0, and many people were raving about it online as well! If you don’t know what this is about, simply refer to its name! It is exactly as it is – a cream booster. It increases efficacy of your products (creams, oils, serums) by its light-based technology, along with micro vibrations, to let your skin absorb them better. This means that products that used to just SIT on your skin can now be fully taken in.
For me, it didn’t exactly make my products “DISAPPEAR” into my skin, but increase their efficacy it did! I know this because my headless pimple, which had been headless for a month, finally came to head THE NEXT DAY when I placed this over it for about a minute or two the night before! My other newly popped pimples (from a facial) were 80% less swollen and red as well! AMAZING! I will definitely have to try this out for a month or so more, but so far I’m loving it!
Stockist: Sephora
Price: SGD $179

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Caplet Serum

We got this from an Elizabeth Arden event awhile back, but I didn’t start on it till recently. I was worried about my sensitive skin adapting to a new product.. but when I saw the glow it added to Ashley’s face.. I knew I had to start!
Whilst I was worried this might be heavy, since most Elizabeth Arden products are aimed at more mature skin, I couldn’t be more wrong! It absorbed THE MOMENT I patted it into my skin and it felt matte and amazing. My skin looked instantly brighter, more hydrated, and smooth! It was probably due to its pretty sparkly properties as well, but my face stayed powdery soft the whole day! If you’re between ages of 20-30 and face a pretty hectic/stressed lifestyle with dehydrated skin, you’ll definitely want to check this out.
Stockist: Any Elizabeth Arden Counters
Price: SGD $99

Coconut Revolution’s Coconut Lip Balm in Cherry

We received this from Her Fashion Box, and the moment I tried it on I loved it! Unlike most fruit-flavored lip balms, this one actually tasted yummy without that weird artificial taste! I also loved its bright happy color from within, and how there was a slight tint on my lips when I used it. Though it says Coconut Lip Balm, you can hardly taste the coconut. The cherry taste is much stronger and quite delightful! 🙂
In the aspect of moisturizing, my lips stayed hydrated without that filmy feeling on top of it for a good few hours. I just had to reapply only when my lips felt dry again, it wasn’t that much of an issue! Easy to keep in the pouch as well and doesn’t melt the way Burts Bees’ does in heat! Thumbs up!
Stockist: Her Fashion Box / Coconut Revolution
Price: AUD $7.95 / Approx SGD $9.30

Hakuhodo Retractable Angled Powder Brush

I got this angled brush after much thinking at the Hakuhodo counter earlier this month… I always wanted to try out Hakuhodo after hearing so much about it from big Beauty Bloggers such as Silverkis or Beauty Instagrammers like Loveforskincare! I didn’t get any of the bigger ones because.. 1) They were mad expensive 2) I didn’t think I could upkeep such a highend brush 3) I wanted something I could take with me on my staycations or holidays!
So there you have it.. my amazing brush made out of a mixture of goat and synthetic hair. It feels resplendent against my skin, almost like a cloud. My powder goes on easily, swipes on so smoothly and looks so natural! This is regardless of the powder I use because the brush picks up just enough, and brings just the right amount across my whole face. It is easy enough to clean after every use, by swiping against my palm and followed up by a tissue, but it’s a little troublesome in that way.. Still it’s one of my favorites this month because of its innovative retractable function and its ease of bringing around!
Stockist: Hakuhodo Counter (Takashimaya)
Price: Approx SGD $60

Guerlain KISSKISS Lipstick in 325 Rouge Kiss

Ashley got this for me for my birthday this month, and we decided on this classy red because I don’t have any! I was a little shocked that the lipstick was at such an affordable price since I know they can reach the $60-70s range, and just (I feel bad for this…) assumed this might be of a lousier quality than the rest.
OH But how wrong I was!! The texture is heavenly!!! It glides along my lips like nothing else, stays on for hours, and doesn’t feel drying. There is transfer though, no doubt, but I like how it isn’t as crazy as my other lipsticks though its color intensity is STRONG. Like Hulk Strong hahaha. The payoff is pretty insane even at the first swipe and by the second, it’s just opaque. As for this red.. I seem to channel my own version of Marilyn Monroe when I have it on (self praise is disgrace? haha) and I feel prettier and dressier all at once! Such a great investment if you’re looking to get your first Red Lippie! 😉
Stockist: Any Guerlain Counters
Price: SGD $49

– – 
Anything caught your eye this time round? Leave a comment if you’re curious about anything and I will get back to you ASAP! 🙂
Time to wake up, it’s September!(Oh wait.. that’s when September ends..nevermind heehee)(♥)Sam

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