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Well it’s that time of the month again (as we always say.. maybe we should coin this phrase lol), so yes we are going to be sharing our favorites! Ash shared hers earlier on, which you can read here, and now it’s my turn!

Some of you may be used to our monthly videos now, but Ash and I are way too swamped so do forgive us. We have so many posts backlogged and our assessment’s in April.. so yes be forgiving please (crying/laughing emoticon here haha). Okay okay, without further ado, let me introduce the five bright stars of my month!

– – 

Mukti Sebogel

I’ve actually been using this gem of a blemish cream since 2011 but never got around to writing it. At first, I thought it wasn’t working well, or that my skin had gotten immune, but everything seems fine again!

It get rids of all these itchy hormonal whitehead bumps that appear, and sometimes it does this job overnight!! Amazing isn’t it!? It’s also untraceable under/over makeup, which makes it great for on-the-go touch ups. It’s especially great for my after-yoga sessions, whenever I feel a pimple rising after placing my face on (what I sometimes worry is) a dirty mat.

Stockist: Bud Cosmetics (Novena Square/ Mandarin Gallery)
Price: $39

13Rushes’ Broad All-Over Eyeshadow Brush

To be honest, I didn’t get this with the sole purpose of using it as an eyeshadow brush so I haven’t tested it as such. I got it because I’ve been on the hunt for that PERFECT concealer brush. I used to use MUFE’s but that one got a little hard to clean after awhile and I couldn’t stand the hassle.

This one is hands down the BOMB DIGGITY. Have I ever used that phrase here? Well, anyway, it is. It is soft, fluffy, and pats my concealer down like nothing else. It just feels like ALL my concealer is safely blended under my eyes without anything taken away by the brush! The result is a smooth and flawless airbrushed finish. Thumbs up 100%!

Price: $15

Shiseido’s The Skincare Purifying Mask

Dear Linda (Silverkis) got this for me during a Metro sale, or rather, she helped me get it through her friend (thank you to you too!). Linda was raving about this mask non-stop during lunch and… now I know why.

It goes on like a dream, feels soft and nice, smells lovely, and yet TAKES ALL THE NASTY GUNK OUT! I started off by using it as an all-over the face mask but I didn’t think it was too effective on someone who’s constantly stressed as I am.. so I began using it as a spot treatment and voila! Amazing! It even killed one nasty whitehead which has refused to leave my forehead for the past 1 week! Yay! Clay masks are just the best sometimes when blemish creams don’t do the job.

Stockist: Any Shiseido counter (Mine’s from Metro)
Price: $64

Skin Inc’s Vitamin A Serum (Regenerate)

I received this from my Vanity Trove goodie bag and.. I stared at it in disbelief! A whole bottle!? Free!? I was in awe.. and then a little hesitant because my skin has reacted badly to other Vitamin A prescriptions before. Fortunately, there was nothing to worry about because this went on beautifully and my skin has just changed since then.

It is smoother, brighter, and more hydrated EVERY morning. Can you believe that!? I actually look like I’ve slept a good 10 hours a day when it’s sometimes only been about 4-5. This serum has been a lifesaver and I can’t imagine life without it anymore.

P/S: If you’re wondering, I much prefer it to even my SKII Cellumination Essence EX. MUCH. PREFER. But that makes sense because it’s $136 for a teeny tiny bottle whilst SKII’s is $199 for a considerable amount… I guess you get what you pay for.

Stockist: Skin Inc (Ion)
Price: SGD $136

VDL’s Lumilayer Primer

Roseanne Tang was giving this away in one of her posts last month (I think?), and guess who was one of the lucky winners!! ME! *Pats self on back* Hahaha.

I haven’t used primers in about… let’s see.. 8 years. The last time I did use any primer, I felt so disappointed because the one I used just made my face overly matte and borderline dry! It was so icky I always told myself never to use one again. Fast forward to today though, I can’t be without this! It gives my skin that great luminous “from-within” kind of glow, and my skin looks crazily smooth. If you’re wondering though.. I don’t use foundation on top of it because I don’t use foundation in general, but my undereye concealer and blusher hold quite well! 🙂

Stockist: VDL Cosmetics (Bugis Junction)
Price: SGD $36

– – A third of a year is gone guys!
Isn’t time passing so fast!?(♥)Sam

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