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Today I’d like to talk about something very close to my heart – a double cleansing skincare routine that saved me from the horrendous skin I used to suffer about slightly more than half a year ago.

Back at that point of time, I was already a Beauty Blogger… but I’m ashamed to say that I still underestimated the importance of cleansing back then. I attributed all my issues to serums, moisturizers, toners, etc.. and failed to see that the cleansers I was using were the root of my problems. So when the epiphany did hit me, it changed my life.

First of all, I must say that the pictures you see of these 2 amazing products in this post are actually the ones that I was lucky enough to get sponsored. In reality, I had been using them for ages! So you can only imagine my delight to write about something I have loved so fervently! 🙂


However, I know some of you readers might not be familiar with Atorrege AD+, so I thought I’d start off by introducing what the brand is about.

In the1980s, many patients in Japan were suffering from dry skin diseases and some even developed serious eczema. To cure this, a group of nurses came across the Mugwort plant (which has been famed for its healing and detoxing qualities) and self-formulated a lotion for the patients to ease their skin disease. It naturally became very popular because of its efficacy.

In 1995, Ands Corporation mass produced that lotion which was the first generation of Atorrege launched to the public In 2007, with improved medical technology, second generation of Atorrege which is also known as Atorrege AD+ was launched. Their products are now made with a combination of natural herbal extracts, with the 2 main ingredients for deep penetration into skin being Hamamelis Extract and Soy Bean Extract, as well as innovative nanotechnology.The important 5 Assurances which I feel are so VITAL for sensitive skin is that Atorrege AD+ has:NO FRAGRANCENO PARABENSNO COLORANTSALLERGY TESTEDINTERNAL CELLULAR TESTED

Mild Cleansing Gel (0)

One of their MOST popular items is the Mild Cleansing Gel. The Japanese are HUGE on double cleansing and this product is, to me, the most vital first step!

As of right now, it is the ONLY cleansing gel with an oil-soluble base that does not require rubbing to remove makeup and dirt off the face. Though this is such a gentle cleanser that can even be used on sensitive, acne and eczema skin, this products is HEAVY DUTY at getting the gunk out! It’s so effective that it even PREVENTS blackheads from forming, with the added benefit of it reducing skin sensitivity over time.

This Cleansing Gel has to be applied with a dry hand onto a dry face. I prefer to wash my hands, dry them, then proceed onto this step! 🙂

So above is what the cleansing gel looks like about 10-20 seconds after applying it to my skin. Remember, there is no need to rub. Simply squeeze out a good amount (maybe slightly bigger than a 50 cent coin), spread it over the area that requires cleansing, then….. WATCH THE MAKEUP “FLOAT” UP TO THE SURFACE! I know I’ve been using this for awhile but the way it works STILL astounds me!!!

Everytime I use this, I just feel SO SAFE knowing my skin is thoroughly cleansed, seriously! However, because it’s still safer to double cleanse after a long day, I move on to the Face Liquid Wash.

Face Liquid Wash (1)

This Face Liquid Wash has been formulated for Normal to Dry skin, which is perfect for me.

It contains weak acidic nano-cleansing bubbles that cleanse pores deeply, effectively and prevents formation of blackheads. Skin is promised to be clearer and more radiant after this has been used for an extended period of time.

All you need to do is squeeze out a 20 cent amount onto wet palms, rub the palms together till the product foams up, then gently massage the lather onto the face before rinsing off with lukewarm water. What I enjoy about this is that, though I have to double cleanse, my skin doesn’t actually end up drier. It feels squeaky clean without any squeaky tightness!


Before: 6 months ago / After: Recently

Here is a before and after. Believe me when I say I want to show a brighter and prettier photo in general, but I felt the “darkness” and “shadows” which are normally so unflattering were great at showing the difference in skin texture much better. Both these photos were taken in the morning before I started my skincare regimen (hence the darker environment haha!), so yeah I took the opportunity of snapping what my skin looked like the moment I got into the toilet. This is a total representation of the #Iwokeuplikethis trend haha!

Anyway! As you can see, my skin has not only decreased in oiliness, but it has also become smoother, pores have tightened and the blackheads on my nose aren’t as nasty looking anymore. Overall, the change is really quite stunning. I used to think that if I woke up with an oily face, I was doomed with that for life – but hey! It’s all down to the right products. The cleansers have worked hand in hand to create this magic and I think it’s largely due to the fact that serums/moisturizers need a GOOD clean base to work on and these 2 products make sure of that for sure.

Overall Thoughts + Promotion

I think Atorrege AD+ is a brand worth investing in, no doubt about it. I have, in fact, recommended their products MANY times to my friends who sometimes tell me they’re way too expensive. However, good things are worth their price tags and this is one good example.

I’ve also written a post on their Acne Spot Treatment Lotion in this POST a few months back… as you can see, I’m a sincerely a huge fan of MANY of their products.

If you’re interested in purchasing and trying out the wonders of Atorrege AD+, here’s some good news for you:HEAD ON OVER AND SIGN UP AT WWW.BETIME.COM.SG TO GET A 20% DISCOUNT. THE MILD CLEANSING OIL AND FACE WASH LIQUID GETS AN ADDITIONAL $10 OFF ADDITIONALLY!

I hope you guys will end up loving their products as much as I do! xxDisclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.

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