How to use the Aeroplan eStore when you shop online and ways to earn Aeroplan points.

Maybe it’s because I spend up to 14 hours a day on a computer, but I recently noticed that I’m doing a lot more online shopping than I have been in the past. Exclusive online discounts, 24/7 “store hours,” free shipping, product availability, and the ability to shop in my favourite pyjamas and matching fuzzy slippers are just a few of the reasons that my shopping habits have been slowly changing.

Aeroplan eStore
Like most people, I love a good deal, and I certainly have found many online. My most recent discovery was initiated by a press release that I received from Aeroplan about the Aeroplan eStore. I hadn’t heard of it before, but I was intrigued because (also like many people), I love to travel.

Any purchase you make through the Aeroplan eStore earns you Aeroplan points and is free to use; to start earning points, enter your Aeroplan number and choose the website that you would like to shop at. You’ll automatically be redirected to the site of your choice, and any purchase you make will earn you Aeroplan points (as long as you don’t close your browser or switch windows).

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The best part about the eStore is that the participating retailers are stores that I already shop at like J.Crew, The Gap, SSENSE, Sephora, Club Monaco, eLUXE, The Bay, Nordstrom, and Shopbop.

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Shop On – My eStore Experience
Lucky for me, Aeroplan gave me the opportunity to try out the eStore and earn some Aeroplan points at the same time. Since I’m already an Aeroplan points collector, all I had to do was enter my card number and then choose the store that I wanted to shop at. After some browsing and deliberation, I fell in love with a Helmut Lang jacket that was on sale at SSENSE, which offers five Aeroplan points for every Canadian dollar spent.

It just so happened that I’m in the market for a new jacket, and it was on sale for $126 from $420; not only was I getting a fantastic deal, I was earning points on a purchase that I wanted to make anyway. I checked out through the SSENSE website, and now all I have to do is wait 5-6 weeks for my Aeroplan points to show up on my account.

The addition of entering my card number at the eStore added about 30 seconds to my entire shopping experience, and I’m now earning points on purchases that I originally thought were “point-less” transactions.  I’m expecting to receive 630 points from this purchase, bringing me 630 points closer to the Parisian trip of my dreams (and one black Helmut Lang jacket closer to the closet of my dreams).

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 11.33.47 AMDisclosure: Aeroplan eStore Gift Card Provided by Aeroplan.

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