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Happy Monday Everyone!

Hoping to “brighten” up your Monday, I’m going to review Guerlain’s Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder!

My own tin is from The Dazzling Radiance Collection for Summer 2010, but I bought mine in 2012 so I assume that the sale of these colors are ongoing. The biggest change would probably be the tin that it arrives in, because the older versions were sold in cardboard.

I’ve gotten quite a few requests for this, and I can definitely understand why. This product has been quite a godsend to me, and I love it to death. 

There are 3 different shades available: 01 Teint Rose, 02 Teint Beige, 03 Teint Dore.

– – 

Here is a breakdown of how the three differ from each other:

01 Teint Rose

The colors in this pot are brighter and more vibrant, mostly for the purpose of evening out redness from rosacea and blemishes. Green (like green concealers) tackle areas which seem “inflamed”while the purple and white lends to the brightening and calming overall effect. 

More suitable for cooler undertones and for those who have more broken capillaries, eczema, or rosacea.

02 Teint Beige

The colors in this pot are a little warmer with shades like nude, white, lavender and baby pink. This range adds more luminance to the skin for that very subtle and natural glow. The effect can almost be called as sun-kissed without the actual tanning. 

More for people more within the NC30 range, or just basically warmer skin tones looking for some radiance.

03 Teint Dore

Teint Dore actually means Gold Tinge, and that might be an appropriate name since it is meant to eliminate yellow skin tones and brighten them to “gold”. This one is actually quite interesting because it does away with the typical green and purple and actually uses blue as one of the pearls’ colors. Blue is normally known to even out orange spots when used as a concealer, and neutralizes that yellow dullness as well.

More suitable for those with yellow to darker skin tones, perhaps NC40 and above.

– – 

Please click “Read More” for an in-depth review of 02 Teint Beige.

When I last bought my eye concealer in 2010, I was an NW 20 for Mac; but I think I should be NW 30 by now because I tan quite easily.

I purchased Teint Beige 02 after my cousin recommended it and she has the same shade of skin as me. I remember rushing to buy this as soon as I could because the last time I saw her wearing it, she looked so well-rested and healthy despite her very hectic daily schedule.

I thought I could definitely use some of that – I occasionally have very little sleep and, more often than not, I sleep very late at night.  Moreover, I spend a lot of time staring at the computer and the radiation can actually cause skin to age faster. So if you find that you need a quick perk me up in your morning make up routine, this could be just it.

The Meteorites:

As you can see, there are about 5 colored pearls inside: pink, nude, white, silver and purple.

They each serve a purpose, as mentioned earlier, but really no one uses them individually. The reason they are placed in a tin is so that one’s brush can swirl inside, and their spherical shapes allow more area of the brush to collect the very finely-milled powder for an easier and quicker application onto the face.

When swatched onto my hand, as you can see, the powder is not obvious at all. There are light flecks of glitter almost, and my hand looks more luminous.

When swatched onto my face (I only use sunblock and Guerlain’s powder), there is a very subtle gleam and evenness without the need for foundation or other types of powders.

Note: I have sensitive skin, but this product doesn’t really cause any problems for me. Though I have to mention that there is a very beautiful candy-like fragrance, and some people with sensitive skin could feel that that might be a problem.

– – 

The Texture:

Oh it is fine. The texture is so fine. If you want a powder that would never crease and never cake – this is it. This will be your HG (holy grail – make up talk). I know some loose powders which can actually make you look too white or too powdery, but this is not it.

Because of the pearl shape, powder only gently gets swept off, so only the right amount comes off according to what you need. Normal compacts which are flat normally collect at the tip of the brush and not around it, causing you to pick up more powder than is necessary because of the reapplications.

Be careful not to be too rough though, the pearls can break quite easily.

– – 

The Application:

Well, it is really up to you. I do not think there are any serious wrong ways to use this.

Once, my brush was still damp after I washed it, so I used the sponge in the tin to dab the powder all over my skin. It was just a little more troublesome to try to roll some of the pearls onto the sponge without dropping or breaking them.

sorry for the dirty brush, heh, haven’t cleaned it since last use.

I think that many would recommend you to use a a fluffy brush for easier application. You put your brush in, swirl it around a few times, tap off the excess, and brush it all over your face. Very simple really. (I personally use the small brush that came with my Smashbox Halo Powder and find that sufficient.)

If you want areas with more highlight than the rest, repeat the same process but brush it onto the places you need it the most.

Now, I think this works as an all-over highlight more than the types which are meant to enhance particular features. It is really up to you to decide what look you are going for.

– –

(the before is a bit rougher, with larger pores. the after is more refined and with a softer glow)

The judgement:

The packaging is extremely pretty, rather sturdy, and is a pleasure to bring even on trips because it is so light.

Now, a lot of people have given rave reviews about this product and they are not wrong. It is rather astounding how such a light loose powder is able to make your face glow so subtly and obviously at the same time. I know that sounds complicated, so I’ll break it down into a scenario.

You know how some people say, “ah she only looks good because she’s got so much makeup on”? Well, this product will definitely have people wondering whether you’ve got makeup on or just really healthy, radiant skin.

Some days when my friends tell me I have that “SKII glow”, I just attribute it to this – I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

– – 

Overall Rating: 8/10

I’ve written quite a bit, and I hope it answers most of what you are looking for; but if not, do leave a comment and I will get back to you on it!

Thank you!(♥) Sam

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