A look at some stylish prints from Oliver Gal Artist Co. Affordable decor and art for fashion lovers.

Good art (that doesn’t cost so much that you’re forced to eat nothing but Nutella sandwiches for three months) can be hard to find.  If you’re searching for a specific style or colour scheme, it becomes even harder.

During a recent redecorating stint, I spent hours searching for the perfect print online.  I was trying to choose a statement piece for my living room, and thankfully for my (limited) patience,  I discovered The Oliver Gal Artist Co.  A collective of artists making sophisticated and engaging art prints in categories like colour trends, fashion, photography, pop art, decor trends, and celebrity art, there really is something for every space. The best part? Most prints range from $159-$649, making Nutella sandwiches a weekend indulgence, not an everyday essential.

10017 Blooming-strokes

10017 Blooming Strokes R

10064_Lips II_NoBleed

10064 Lips II R

10578 Mapamundi

10578 Mapamundi R

10324 Water coveted 28x36

10324 Water coveted R

10349 The Best Things

10349 The Best Things R

10370 - Romantica Spring

10370 R2

10395 Walk Like You Have


10558 Marismas R

10558 Marismas

10614 Girls Girls Girls

10614 Girls Girls Girls R

10754 Calamar

10754 Calamar R

10889 Defiant Forest

10889 Defiant Forest R

11238 Dusty Rose

11238 Dusty Rose R

11272 Azahar 11272 Azahar R

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