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Hi everyone!

(Just so you know, this post is about my L’Oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Shampoo, but I thought I’d add in something extra by talking about my hair treatment experience at Essensuals first! hehe)

Sooooo, Recently, I’ve just made a trip down to Essensuals (Bugis) to get my second hair treatment done! The last time I did mine was in March, so I thought it was kind of overdue! 🙂

Here are some pictures comparing the state of my hair the first time I went (click here for the first blog post) and the second time I went. They are both ‘Before’ photos, and you can trust them because I really do NOT do anything to my hair. It kills people to know that I am so meticulous with my face but flat lazy with my hair. *shrugs* haha.

As you can see, the hair in the first photo is ultimately revolting – dry and staticky and just all over the place. The second one is more in place, smoother, and softer. Naturally, it is also because I had not had a haircut in 2 years in the previous photo, so that’s about as damaged as my hair can get.

This, is the result of my second treatment! (ps – can you spot my boyfriend in the background?? haha) My hair is soft and flowy, and extremely well behaved for the rest of the day! Though, to be honest to ourselves, just how often do we have the time or money to get down to a salon to do our hair? I mean, the results really are lovely, but it is also difficult to maintain the visits. I suppose this is why people keep harping on taking care of my hair at home.. and so.. I took the first step!

Introducing my L’Oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Shampoo! This cost me about SGD $30 and will last about 1 month, which kind of made my heart cry because my usual shampoo is around $8 and lasts 3 months. In that case, I can only assume that this should make a world of difference for me right? RIGHT. But I’ll go into that later, let’s start with some background information.

Background Information (On Shampoo Alone)

*credits to: L’Oreal official website*

It’s suitable for all hair types, though I do think that dry hair may stand to benefit from this the most. It works towards balancing the hair’s natural oils by gently cleansing and reducing oil at the root so that hair is left feeling clean, soft, supple, and brilliantly shiny.

The formula is paraben-free! Which is good because parabens can contribute to cancer later on. Its ingredients include Argan Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3 – this is easily absorbed into the hair to deeply nourish and provide control. It also contains Cotton Seed Oil which is naturally light in weight and creates an extremely soft and weightless finish.


The look of the product is very very sleek. I love it because it looks like liquid gold and does have that “mythical” sense about it since the lettering is also in a kind of shiny gold print. Even the pump is gold-colored! Haha.

What I like is how the bottle is very compact and looks pretty in the bathroom. On top of that, it’s extremely easy to use. Just pump the product into your hand and use it, ta-da!

Texture and Smell

Just as described, this formula is very very light. It also smells of baby shampoo, which is so lovely. Somehow the smell of baby shampoo is just so calming isn’t it? It just keeps assuring us we’re doing good things to our hair (haha going into mental semantics right now).

As you can see, when pumped out, the shampoo is rather colorless. I’ve been using SunSilk for awhile, so maybe those who use it can understand what I mean when I say that SunSilk feels so HEAVY. When you pump the shampoo out into your palm, you feel its weight. It feels sticky and tacky as well. But that is so far from the case with this one.

It feels almost weightless in my hands, and lathers up so beautifully! In the picture, it might seem very little and that is because it’s lightly mixed up in my hand. When used in one’s hair, it lathers up quite a bit, which makes me happy! (One thing that really ticks me off about buying expensive shampoo is that it somehow never lathers up!? Does that bother you guys!? It just never makes me feel like my hair is clean enough! Argh!)


Well it’s a no brainer here if you use shampoo everyday. I think everyone has their own methods. Some people believe that only shampoo-ing every alternate day is best, some people believe that only washing the scalp is necessary and so on.. you get my drift.

Since I have OCD and have a perpetual disgust for dirty, I wash my hair entirely and lather the whole thing up and rinse clean. I use about 3 pumps because I have rather thick and long hair, so if your hair is thin or average, 2 pumps should be more than enough. I apply it straight to my hair and start lathering it up from there. 🙂

Overall Thoughts

Well here it is! My hair in all its glory! 🙂I definitely think it has made my hair softer, though I do want to try the conditioner out as well (heh heh itchy shopaholic fingers)! I especially love the smell because it’s just so light. There is no strong chemical smell that most drugstore shampoos have; instead, it smells very subtle and pleasing all at the same time. It’s difficult to explain, but this is really the best and simplest I can do!Texture-wise, yes my hair is healthier and smoother. There also seems to be a shine where I never had any! It just cleans my hair so well and makes it look so well taken-care of despite my most pathetic efforts of maintenance. I love the shape and movement of my hair now, and I am slowly getting the importance of having more good hair days! Cheers to that!I hope all of you understand that this is a shampoo so it cannot achieve the same amazing effect as my treatment shown above, but it has definitely improved the state of my hair by leaps and bounds as compared to what I was previously using. If you’ve always wanted to try out a new shampoo, I say give this one a chance. 🙂

Recommended for 

Anyone with any hair really, especially those who find their hair very important to them. I think dry hair and damaged hair will see the best results though.

Stockists: I purchased mine from Bugis Essensuals, but I do think you can purchase this at other leading hair salons in Singapore. 

Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10 

Here’s to better hair days!
( ♥ )Sam

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