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Hey dears,

today I’m reviewing one of my favorite lipstick shades, Maybelline Color Whisper’s “Who Wore it Redder”! I got this in Australia (read my post here) last year, but the reason it took so long for me to get down to posting this is because.. well.. I have about 100 shades of lipsticks lying about everywhere at home and totally forgot about this one.

That was until I decided to wear it out for a date and went, “I cannot believe I forgot about this gem!” I was so impressed with it, I took photos of the product and myself all in one go before rushing out of the house to meet my boyfriend! That’s how much I loved it!

So here you go, here’s the review. Enjoy! xx


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Since we do not have this lipstick available here in Singapore, I thought I’d give a little insight into it.

Maybelline’s website describes it as “pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel without heavy waxes or oils”. What you will get is a “truly translucent gel color” with “just a kiss of shine.

There are a total of 20 shades available, and you can always purchase some shades online at Shopping-District. If you have friends living in Australia or the US, I’m sure they can get them for you too! They’re very reasonably priced, at about SGD $16 each. I suppose it might be cheaper during sales.


There’s nothing much to say about this as it’s nothing fancy. Really quite your typical tube of lipstick which you open and use!

Regarding the casing (as seen in the header photo at the top), I do think it looks very sleek with the silver font against the colored background, but it’s really just the graphic designer inside me talking. Most people might not even notice this. The inside is just a plain silver tube which holds the lipstick, as seen above.

Color and Texture

Even though the name of the lipstick, “Who wore it redder” suggests a very very bold red (I was thinking of Marilyn Monroe at this point), it actually isn’t at all! What appears on the lips instead is more of a deep rich pink mixed with a very slight tinge of red! I actually do not mind this at all because I think it looks fantastic and way more wearable for most days.

I know the color looks way pigmented on me despite Maybelline calling it translucent but keep in mind that mine is quite a heavy swatch. You can always opt to go with one layer instead of three if you’d like something less outstanding.

True to form, it really feels like a gel when spread across the lips. It is lightweight and so smooth; such a dream to glide it across! You will feel no dryness when it comes to this lipstick. Plus, just calling it a “gel lipstick” sounds so much cooler doesn’t it? It gives me that feeling of rubbing jello across my mouth haha.

Lasting Power

I did not manage to capture a photo of it after, but it wore pretty well through the day. It left a stain on my lips even after a few hours, so I suppose that’s good for those who do not want to have immediate bare lips just shortly after a meal.

I did find that I had to touch up after about 2-3 hours each time, which is common for most lipsticks. This one does feather a little though, and makes it quite obvious if you’ve layered it on more to a particular area, so do be careful about that. You can always use a lip brush to counter this, or simply dab it on lightly so the color is more even.

Overall Thoughts

This is a drugstore lipstick, so I naturally do not set the same standards for it that I do for say.. my Givenchy or my Chanels.. though you’d be surprised that this one actually holds up better than some of my high end ones! The color is longer lasting and feels even more comfortable! 🙂

I really love this color for days that I need to dress up a more monotonous dress code. Whenever I pair this up with say, a simple black shift dress or a white top/black jeans combo, everything just magically comes together. 

I understand that touching-up is all part and parcel of lipstick wearing so I’ve no gripes about that. As far as I’m concerned, this is and will always be one of my favorite go-to lippies!

Overall Rating: 7/10

It’s midweek dears!A few days to go till the weekend! xx(♥)Sam

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