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I was going to write, “notice anything here?” and probably ask you, “want to zoom in on my lips to find out?”… but I realized the title already gave it all away haha!

Yes, I redid my lip embroidery – this time with Beauty Recipe – after about 2 years because I wanted more vibrantly colored lips for my ROM! (In case you’re wondering how the day went, you can read this Dayre Post). I decided to try out Beauty Recipe for my lips this time because they did such a good job with my eyebrows, and I was told they had a new machine coming in for Lip Embroidery which would make the color look brighter and last much longer! Needless to say, I was sold.

I made my appointment approximately 2 weeks before my ROM and I’ve never looked back!

These were the state of my lips before the embroidery. In case you’re going, “Huh it looks perfectly fine and pink!?”… that’s because, as mentioned above, I had lip embroidery done before (Read Post Here).

I don’t know.. perhaps I’m just being anal.. but notice how the middle area of my previous embroidery didn’t match up with the middle line I drew? It bugged me so much! I think it might just be the designer genes in me, but everything’s got to be JUST SO! And I gotta say, I’m really glad I took the plunge AGAIN!

However, before I show you more pictures of my new lips, let’s get started on the process.

Eileen, the “Master” will start by drawing your desired lip shape out. She’s very thorough with this, much like when she does your eyebrows, so you know you’re in good hands. HOWEVER, they are your lips and if you don’t like what you see, simply tell her!

Many times, I read reviews online where they blame and shame the person who does the embroidery, saying that the shape wasn’t what they desired or wanted. And I understand sometimes, some of us might feel shy to voice out, or feel bad to say, “hey, this looks nothing like what I thought it would look like!” But I really insist for you to be honest, because these are YOUR lips after all. And Eileen is very open to changing the design till you’re satisfied as well.

Once that’s all done, Eileen puts on numbing cream.. in the form of a lip mask (pretty cool!) and adds saran wrap to keep it in place. Don’t worry about swallowing any liquid from the mask because she places cotton pads inside your mouth to prevent this.

After about 30 – 45 minutes, she’ll be ready to start. You can ask for an hour or more if you’re extremely scared of pain, but the mask is super effective so I would say you have nothing to be scared of. My lips were REALLY numb! *Thumbs up*

I didn’t manage to get pictures of the actual process, but they’re pretty similar to my previous post’s steps. First, an outline is tattooed onto your lips and the color is filled in after. What’s great about their new machine is that.. instead of 1 needle, there’s 3 at a go, and that means the color is filled in MUCH quicker and it absorbs better too!

The only bad thing I can say about this process is pretty much well known to everyone. Your lips will be swollen and I guess it’s best you request for a face mask to cover your mouth when you head home. You can request this from Beauty Recipe and Eileen will pass it to you for free. No worries! Also, if there’s one thing I strongly urge you to do, that would be to purchase the lip moisturizing ointment at $28 as it helped me a great deal with my lips!

Now, without further ado, heres what my lips looked like right after.

A little blurry sorry!

Day 1:

  • Lips were very much numb and swollen, but no pain
  • Assuming that lips were 100% swollen when I left the store at 3pm,
    my lips were at a 60-70% swollen by night time
  • Color is extremely strong and vibrant
  • Lips feel slightly dry but kept moisturized with the ointment
  • Gargled with salt water after dinner then reapplied ointment
  • Brushed teeth as per normal
  • Put an ice pack on for about 10-15 minutes before heading to sleep

Day 2:

  • Woke up with red marks on my face – realized that the ink from
    the embroidery mixed with my saliva and drooled down my face
    during the night – haha! Nothing big, was easily wiped off
  • Though note to all is to probably sleep with a towel over their pillows
    for at least the first 2 nights
  • Lips were still very swollen the next morning
  • Lips felt sore and numb all at the same time, but no pain
  • The inner parts of the lips, as expected, had already started peeling
  • Swelling of the lips was lowered considerably, lips almost normal
    sized by evening/night
  • Bits and pieces of lip skin started peeling off and fell off when I
    gargled my mouth
  • Lips felt very very dry so constant application of ointment was done
  • A lot of dead skin – hence lips felt very flaky before sleep

Days 3 – 4:

  • Day 3 onwards, lips were no longer swollen but they felt
    extremely extremely dry
  • Woke up with about 90% of my dead lip skin left on my lips
  • 10% peeled off from the day before and perhaps from me licking my
    lips as I slept
  • Lips felt very dry, much drier than the first 2 days
  • I had to apply the ointment many times over the day to ensure that
    my lips or dead skin do not crack
  • A lot more dead skin fell off whenever I gargled and brushed my teeth
  • By evening on Day 4, only 20% of dead skin was left, which was those
    around the rims of my lips

Day 5:

  • I think I spammed a little too much of the ointment over the first
    4 days so I was pretty much out of it by this point
  • I substituted it with some lipbalm instead
  • Luckily, my lips were pretty much done peeling and the color
    looked good so I survived without the ointment just fine
  • Lips were still very dry, but not as dry as Day 4 when it was peeling
  • I was a little anxious about the rims left around my lips but I had no
    real need to worry because they went off pretty well after!

Day 6:I didn’t get a close up picture, sorry, but I was well enough to head out. P/S: I went out to get my ROM documents settled on this day hehe!My lips felt perfectly fine, looked really good, and they were extremely vibrant! Look at this gorgeous red lip here! My husband (at that time, fiance) thought I was actually wearing lipstick. I was so happy!But just so you know, the color will continue to fade over the next 3 months till it settles on something more natural. After all, our lips aren’t meant to be this red. Mine was actually supposed to be more pink. I was a little bummed it wouldn’t stay this red actually haha but I guess in the long run, it’s still better to have a more realistic lip color. If you do want it REALLY red even after fading though, you can always request it from Eileen. 🙂 Below are some pictures you can refer to as well! These are about 2 weeks – 1 month after my lip embroidery session.

Here’s my husband and I on our ROM day! Not having to wear lipstick was the best because it meant I could actually kiss him! Haha! I’m actually a little jealous that his lips are as red as mine without him doing anything… hmmm.

Here’s some pictures of me during our mini-moon to Melbourne. I don’t know if you can tell but my lips aren’t so red anymore. They became closer to a pinkish hue instead.I apologize for the weird angle, this was taken at a facial!

This picture was shot very recently, so you can gauge it at about 3 months after my lip embroidery was done! My facial sponsor even came in and praised my lip color for being vibrant yet natural enough! Haha! I must say that my favorite thing about getting my lips done is really not needing much to head out looking made up. I think not many people give as much credit to lips as they’re due, but I think a vibrant lip is really what helps one cross the line from looking simply awake to looking naturally good!

Plus the hype now is all about that minimalistic make up look – which we all know can actually take a REALLY good and hard to find lip product to achieve sometimes – so I rather opt for this. Forget feathering after eating or touching up when I’m out. I know my lips are settled wherever I go!

Thank you dearest Jessie and Beauty Recipe for giving me beautiful lips! Confidence is something money really cannot buy. 🙂

TO GET YOUR OWN LIP EMBROIDERY DONE AT ONLY $588 (U.P $1288) WITH ONE FREE TOUCH UP, SIMPLY QUOTE “SAMANTHA BLOGGER” WHEN YOU CALL OR WHATSAPP 98593982 FOR AN APPOINTMENT.Company Website: Beauty RecipeAnother customer review: Read HEREThere are 2 locations to choose from: I did mine at Marine Parade Central but there is also another shop at Jurong East.

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