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I’ve been long due to my next Volume Magic Treatment, but I’ve not been too worried about it because I’ve had my Vodana Ceramic Iron Brush, sponsored by my ever loving Hair Sponsor at Dusol Beauty, to ensure my hair looks curled in the most natural and softest way! 🙂

I got this awhile back and have been playing with it, because I gotta admit I’m not too great with new hairstyling tools. This one… unlike my Glampalm.. actually took awhile longer to get used to – not gonna lie. It has it’s pros and cons, which I will get into later, and I will also talk about the differences between this and my Glampalm, both in usage and result.

For now, let me do a quick introduction to what this amazing Vodana Ceramic iron Brush is all about.

There are 3 rods available at Dusol Beauty for sale and they come in 17mm, 21mm and 26mm.

17mm – better for short/fine hair; is also suitable for men
21mm – better for shoulder length hair (the one that I got)
26mm – better for waist length or very thick hair

Here are some product details. As you can see, it’s called an Iron Brush because it IS a brush. It’s not like those typical clamps or wands you see online. That, in itself, I already find pretty fascinating.

When I first laid eyes on this, I was so greedy! I was like OH MY GOSH I MUST HAVE THIS. I MUST TRY THIS! It looked so fascinating to me and I loved how soft my hair remained after Edward used it on my hair. It was like my hair was NATURALLY curly and I just knew I had to try this for myself.

As mentioned, since this is a brush, it naturally meant that the method used with it would be very different from using a straightener which I’ve been used to. With a straightener, it’s easy to catch on because you literally clasp your hair in the middle, drag it down, and flick it up. With a brush like this there is a bigger focus on volume and soft curls. It’s more.. romantic in that sense.

However, I think the largest part that convinced me that I had to have this brush was that its “bristles”, if you can call it that, acts an insulation of some sort. This means that I can actually HOLD the brush in a sense and have better control of my hair and curl.

Here are 2 videos you can watch to learn how to curl your hair with this awesome brush.

One demonstrates how you can use it on your own, and the other shows it from another perspective! I understand it’s not so easy to simply see someone do it for someone else, which is why it’s awesome
we get to see how Edward does it for himself! 🙂

Below, I’ll show 2 methods that I use most often with this Ceramic Iron Brush.

The first is the Curl-In look which is a huge favorite of mine. Fast, fuss-free, and has the most “yes I did get out of bed looking this fabulous” kind of feel, haha!


How it’s done is simply by putting one’s hair in the brush (which is placed horizontally, please note!) in a C-Curl Way and pull it downwards. Its important to focus on the ends because it’s where you should move through the slowest so the curl gets its shape and stays.

It’s good to comb through each portion of hair once first with the heat, like a quick comb through, before starting from the root to slowly finishing off at the end. With the added heat, the hair is more “well-behaved” and curls in beautifully!

What did I say? Really really natural and bouncy looking right!!?! I love this look to death. It’s really my everyday look – and I’m proud to say that despite my copious and seemingly unlimited amount of hair, I actually finish this hairdo in about 10 – 15 minutes before I wash up and get ready for work.


The next look is the Romantic Wave look which means the hair curls out to frame the face in a very very delicate way. This one is done with the brush vertical instead of horizontal like the C-Curl.

I normally put the brush parallel to my face, and in an upright fashion, then i curl my hair around the brush, and pull the brush outwards. For this, unlike the C-Curl, I keep it quite slow from start to end because the curl starts from the middle of the hair and not focused purely on the ends. It’s important to keep the wand rotating slowly as you can see from the image above.. this keeps the curl “moving” so that it forms in a very natural way.

A photo posted by Samantha Joy (@samanthajoyloh) on Oct 17, 2015 at 7:41pm PDT

Here is one SUPER natural wave where you can see my hair “float away” (HAHA) from my face. It’s not too strong and the rest of my hair is done in a C-Curl… so actually you can do this look on your long fringe to frame your face. I suggest this more with long/oval faces because the curl-in look would be much more preferable for rounder faces! 🙂

Here is one where the curls are MUCH more obvious, it all depends on how you use it; and YES the super curled hair is ALSO done with this iron brush! I know it’s a lot curlier than my usual above but you can definitely achieve this look too!


Here is where I’ll answer some questions I’m sure you guys will have..

How does this compare with the GlamPalm?

If you guys haven’t already read, I wrote about the GlamPalm before.. and how it compares is that the GlamPalm is easier to use.. definitely. It’s just clipping hair between 2 surfaces and pulling. I would highly recommend it to beginners.

However, if you’re quite used to curlers, wands, straighteners, this is the one level up you’d probably like to invest in. While the GlamPalm creates very structured curls which are “firmer”, this one creates those loose airy curls. It’s really dependent on what you’re looking for. This one lends more volume too because of the curled surface, so even when you comb it through your hair, your hair still goes against a cylindrical object and becomes more curved.

What are the pros and cons?

Pros: Hair is still insanely soft despite the heat used (I use about 180 – 200), the curls stay all day and are super bouncy, relatively easy to use once mastered, really gives hair the nice airy romantic look, curls are really nice, delicate and romantic, easier to create the “permed” look

Cons: Takes awhile to learn, not that great for bed head but better for hair that’s already dried nicely after washing, a bit irritating when hair gets tangled (counter this by using smaller sections)

Is it easy to use? How long will it take to get used to it?

As mentioned above, really quite tricky in the beginning. I remember feeling very frustrated haha! But after I got the hang of it, it was easy to get addicted! I think it took me 3 – 5 tries to get the hang of it. I couldn’t get over the barrier of it being “hot” and didn’t dare to touch the brush, but in reality it’s just “hot” but not “burning”.. When I got used to it, things were really much easier.

What’s the trickiest part about using this curler?

For me it was controlling speed.. I always went too fast at the ends and the curl wouldn’t stay as a result. I had to really learn to manipulate how I curled my hair and how I slowly brought it through my hair. I even played around with either sticking every lock of hair entirely around the curler and pulling it down or cupping it at the ends with my hands for a better curl.

Will it damage my hair?

Nope!!! Been using it for super long and hair is still very soft and in great condition! 🙂 If you feel insecure, you can always opt for a serum. I like using this serum below from Dusol Beauty! It really isn’t greasy and hair feels so airy!!! I use the red one by the way.

Where can I get it from? Can I try it out before purchasing it?

You can get it from John & Jack online OR head over to Dusol Beauty to purchase it!

AND YESSSS YOU CAN TRY IT OUT FIRST BEFORE PURCHASING! Just call Dusol Beauty, ask for Edward and make an appointment with him so he can teach you how to use the brush! In fact, I actually went back twice to learn lolol, which makes I’m that slow a learner. It’s okay though because he’s very patient so don’t worry!

Directions to Salon

It’s located on the Third Floor of Raffles City (You need to alight at City Hall MRT Station).

If I’m right, it’s behind this wooden toy shop called Das Erzgebirge-Haus.

The exact address is:
252 North Bridge road
#03-27A Raffles City Shopping Mall
Singapore 179103

The opening hours are from Monday-Sunday: 10.00am – 9.00pm

Please call: 6337 4424 for more information

Hope you guys check this brush out in time for Chinese New Year! It’s 2016 already afterall, and you deserve to be every bit beautiful! 😉

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