An interview with Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Ellingson while she was in Vancouver to open the world’s second largest Victoria’s Secret Store.

Celebrities, they’re just like us. Well, some of them are. Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Ellingson has travelled the world and walked the runway for Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and, of course, Victoria’s Secret — only her head is anything but in the clouds.

During Ellingson’s recent trip to Vancouver to open the world’s second-largest Victoria’s Secret store, I had the opportunity to sit down with her and talk real-life, everyday topics: beauty tips, ugly undergarments, reality television, junk food indulgences, and pet peeves. Grounded, poised, genuine, sweet, and even more beautiful in person, this is an angel who has her feet firmly planted on the ground.


VCP: What is the definition of a Victoria’s Secret Angel to you?

LE: A Victoria’s Secret Angel is confident, powerful, sexy, and sweet. It’s not about having a certain body type or looking a certain way. Confidence, power, beauty — everybody can have that.

VCP: Do Victoria’s Secret models have an ugly/comfortable part of their underwear drawer?

LE: I have so much lingerie that I don’t have to! I have three huge drawers of it and my go-to comfortable pieces are the Victoria’s Secret cotton underwear – that’s what I wear at night.

VCP: As a Victoria’s Secret model, you likely have some of your own secrets. Can you share:

— Your favourite beauty secret?

LE: One beauty secret that I do throughout the day is curling my eyelashes. No matter what your makeup looks like, it brightens your eyes and makes you look more awake. I also use a hydrating mist on my face like rosewater or a hyaluronic acid water spray — it plumps your skin and makes you look fresh mid-day when you’re getting tired.

— The secret television show you watch when you’re sick?

LE: Oooh, I watch Housewives — Beverly Hills and Orange County are my guilty television shows.

— The secret food you indulge in?

LE: I love apple crumble. Any kind of crumble with vanilla ice cream and whip cream — that’s my favourite.

— The secret thing that cheers you up when you’re feeling down?

LE: My dog Carly. She’s a cockapoo and I got her a year ago. She’s just the cutest thing ever.

— Your secret pet peeve?

LE: The texture of velvet; it makes me literally nauseous to touch it. Also, loud chewing and chomping.

VCP: What fall trend are you most looking forward to?

LE: Leather. I’ve always loved leather pants, thigh-high leather boots, and jackets.

VCP: What bra is your everyday “go-to” bra?

LE: My go to-bra right now (it changes) is the Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Demi. It’s nude lace, very comfortable, there’s no padding, and it goes well under anything.




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