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Hi lovelies!

A couple days ago we were invited to the grnd opening of the Benefit Cosmetics store at Westgate mall which you can read all about right here and I’d thought I’d do a getting ready video that shows you how I did my makeup, hair and outfit for the night!

I’ve also featured a couple of products in the video that I’d like to go into just a little bit as well! Before I get into the sponsored products, we’d just like to put a disclaimer out there that despite being sponsored these products, our opinions are 100% honest and we strongly believing in providing our readers with nothing but the truth. With that in mind, on to the post we go!


In this video I’m featuring the Loveybelle brushes which is a local brand that sells incredibly soft brushes. We got sponsored the eclipse set by the lovely Vina who’s the owner of loveybelle brushes and a makeup artist herself! What I really like about the set is that not only does it come in a sturdy case but there’s a mix in the types of hairs that the brushes are made out of! You’ll be able to find high quality synthetic, natural and taklon hairs all in this simple kit, pretty amazing huh ;)?

I’ve grown to love a couple of the brushes over the month, I’ve not have a problem with the colour of the brushes fading nor any shedding of any sort for the moment and am really content with having these brushes being displayed in my brush holder on top of my vanity 🙂

Price: The Eclipse Set: SG$138

The Optometry Practice

We were also sponsored contacts from The Optometry Practice, sam did a more indepth post on some of the contacts that we were sponsored and how to order lenses off The Optomertry practice which you can see right here. In short, the Optometry practice is a great site for you to select the contact lens of your choice from a wide selection! We also have a special code, so if you quote “sam&ash10” you’ll receive 10% off your entire purchase!

Here I’m sporting the Freskon Mosiac lenses in Urban grey, I decided that tonight would have been the perfect occasion to pop them in to give that extra flare to my entire look for the evening. The contacts floated (you’ll understand the term once you watch the video) in really decently for me, I didn’t feel any irritation through the process of putting in the contacts at all.

It wasn’t until about 4 hours into wearing them that my eyes started to feel a little dry and on occasion I would feel something tickling the inner edges of my eye. As compared to other contacts that I’ve tried out, the process of putting in the contacts with freshkon doesn’t bring about a searing pain to my eyes and have me tearing a good 5 minutes before I can continue with my makeup.

If you have any other questions regarding the contacts, brushes or the makeup that I’ve used in the Get ready with me, do leave a comment either here or over on our youtube and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

Get ready with me!

Much love,(♥)Ash

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