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Hey babes,

this post is a little overdue, and I apologize, because school was hectic till the 21st of April and I’ve been recuperating since then hahaha. For those who follow us on our Social Media, refer to buttons on the side, you’d know I’ve been posting photos about this hunkalicious product as shown below!

It was so kindly sponsored to us by Too Cool for School earlier this month and I’ve been testing it out almost everyday so as to churn out a more detailed post…… aaaaaaaaaand here it is! 🙂 *pops champagne*. For those who’ve been waiting for this, I hope this review definitely helps you out.


Jean George Llong is Too Cool for School’s triple-function sunblock with an SPF of 50+ and PA+++. In case you’re wondering, SPF 50 is as high as it gets before the rating gets redundant, and a PA+++ ensures the highest protection against UVA rays – if you want to know more about these scientific ratings, just read this :).

Moving on, the reason that the product is labelled as a “triple-function” sunblock is because it offers three very important things:

  • Niacinamide for skin-lightening
  • Adenosine for anti-wrinkling
  • A very high UV protection as stated above

Plus, it’s such an added bonus that it suits VERY sensitive skin to a T due to its 5-free system, being that it is free from parabens, PABA, benzophenone, mineral oil, and talc! For people like me who break out super easily just from one wrong product, this is a huuuuuge comfort.

And and and!! (I know, could there be more!?) It doubles as a makeup base and primer with its beige color and somewhat cream-to-powder formula that is resistant to sweat and sebum which is perfect for this hot and humid weather!


A lot of girlies comment on our Instagram photos whenever the hot bod shows up, one of them being our good friend Crystal! Hahha, good job Too Cool for School, you’ve definitely succeeded in the attraction factor!

On to usage factor, this product comes in a squeeze tube which is great for on-the-go ladies! It is lightweight and packaged in plastic which ensures portability and ease for taking on holidays without the worry for breakage! Also, the cap that comes with it is extremely tightly shut and opens with a “click” so you know that it is definitely closed and product won’t leak out all over the place! I, for one, can safely assure you of this because I’ve put it in my makeup pouch for whenever I go to the gym and it has never once opened up accidentally or come undone even when stuffed amongst many other items! That is one great plus point!


I normally squeeze out a pea-sized amount for my entire face. I’ve read before, and abide by the fact, that you need at least half a teaspoon of sunblock to cover your entire face for it to be truly effective but I’m going to be honest and say that it can be a little too sticky if you do that.. especially if you do not plan to put anything on top of it…

So I just take that pea sized amount, dot all over my face evenly and then pat it in with my palms. If I need more, I’ll take half the original amount, dot it on the other areas I feel is “uncovered” and pat it in the same way. It’s pretty easy and absorbs rather quickly!

I sometimes use my Skinceuticals Sunscreen over it if I want reinforced protection, but even a light dusting of loose powder on top seems good enough.

Color and Texture

True to description, the sunblock does come out beige – or light beige if you want to be picky! But it does go onto your face without much coverage at all, and is as good as translucent. This is fine for me because I seldom look for that factor, but for those who ARE looking for something with medium-heavy coverage then this isn’t for you because it doesn’t even enter the light-medium section!

Do not take it as a BB cream because that’s not what it’s meant to be, although the texture is quite similar I must say. Despite the “About” mentioning that it has a cream-to-powder formula, that’s not REALLY the case. After patting the product in, it does become semi-matte but I would still recommend a light dusting of loose powder on top if your skin is naturally oily. If your skin is pretty dry and you’re going to remain in aircon the whole day, then yes you can forgo any powder!

What really stands out is its promise to resist sebum and sweat! When I have this on, my face really remains relatively shine-free, as compared to other sunblocks I’ve used, and it does not get all sticky and terrible in heat when I do sweat! I’ve tested this out on a number of occasions and it seems to hold through! I did use loose powder those times to be sure, so maybe you might want to do the same. Regardless, any makeup routine will still be cut down considerably! Hooray! 🙂

Before and After

Here’s a Before and After so you can see what I mean by very very minimal coverage! It’s pretty much about all about evening/brightening the skin-tone out and nothing more.

If you’re having difficulty spotting where it’s worked its magic, it has 1) brightened up my forehead area, 2) lessened my dark rings ever so slightly, 3) brightened up my chin area and slightly concealed my acne scars there.

Overall Thoughts

*Above is with a light layer of loose powder, undereye concealer, blush, eyeliner, and lipstick*

On the whole, I enjoy this sunblock a lot because of my dry skin and the fact that I enjoy a kind of “dewy but not too much” kind of look. For those like Ashley, who are big fans of the matte movement, this isn’t for you. From the first time Ash used it, she decided she didn’t quite like it – which I foresaw hahaha.

If I were to pick a situation wherein someone would really enjoy this, I would say it would be best for someone with drier skin and works in an air-conditioned environment. Singapore’s heat is pretty cruel, so this “sweat and sebum resistant” formula most probably cannot hold up if you’re going for a run or spend most of your day in the sun. It’s fine if you’re taking a somewhat long walk from your workplace to lunch (say… from SMU Campus to about City Hall) in the blistering heat and still want to look fresh, but other than that… I don’t think so.

Perhaps those with a combination-oily skin type could still use this, but need to pair it with a matte foundation on top or powder! 🙂

Hope this review has helped, and leave any comments if you would like me to answer your questions!

Too Cool for School – Far East Plaza/ West Gate Mall

SGD $35

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Here’s to hot bods, not burnt faces!(♥)Sam

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