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One should typically begin their Anti-Aging regimen at 25. However, in today’s blistering hot weather and/or harsh cold winds (obviously not referring to Singapore), it is well advised to start even at 18.

I did not start mine till I was about 20 – and there are times I can obviously see how it paid off, but also times where I do wish I started much earlier.I did the very basic: I used eye cream, I did masks, I did scrubs, and I also used sunblock everyday. Normally, you are advised to put on sublock at home because UV rays can still come from our lights or even computers! Being the vainpot that I am, I also took health supplements and some Chinese tonics as well (eg. Evening Primrose, White Fungus, Birds nest).However, as I mentioned, I did miss out on some things, and here are some you should DEFINITELY TAKE NOTE AND TAKE CARE:

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1) Never miss out on your neck areaI used to think that the neck area and the décolletage was no big deal – who the hell could see or would bother noticing, right? And I am sure many of you have thought that way too. But oh, you could not be more wrong.

Despite the wonders of technology today, the truth is that your neck would be one of the first places that show you are slowly turning out to be Snow White’s evil queen – as in the cartoon one, not the beauty that Charlize Theron is because that is a lie. I cannot look like her even if I did all the plastic surgery in the world, much less take care of my neck area.

So my greatest advice is to always moisturize your neck down to slightly above your chest area. It prevents sagging of skin, and minimizes the appearance of dryness and wrinkles. Do make sure you try to pat your moisturizer in or do gentle strokes UPWARDS. This is to ensure you do not tug on your skin and make it lose its elasticity.– – 2) Never miss out on your eye creamWhen I was younger (what a sad fact to face) at about 18, I relied heavily on undereye concealers. I still do today, of course, but back then I used to do it without eye cream first *GASP!*. I thought it would not make a difference because some concealers are supposed to have some hydrating factors in them right? WRONG. No matter how hydrating they are, a concealer by any other name is still make up. It can still be drying. Eye cream should never be missed out on and should be used in the MORNING AND NIGHT!After all, it does not take a scientist (or maybe it does?) to tell you that your skin around your eye is extremely delicate and would be the first place, besides your neck, to make you look way older than you really are!If you have younger skin, about from age 18-22, you can try out lighter eye gels from Nivea or Garnier which have roll-on versions.

If you find that your skin is getting more matured, about 23 onwards, heavier creams can be used from La Mer, SKII or whatever you prefer. However, keep the heavier creams for night; light gels or light creams are better for the day.

– – 3) Never put your eye cream directly below your lash lineMy friend posted this really interesting article on my Facebook one day, and it said to never put your eye cream directly below your lash line.

For one, it could enter your eyes easily and really hurt (been there, done that). Secondly, the area you should really take care of is nearer to your nose bridge, right to about the top of your cheek bone area, and then to the sides of your eyes. (follow the white dots)

You can finish off by patting the remaining cream nearer to your lash line, just ensure that you do not begin by immediately placing your eye cream there. (yellow crescent patches).

The sides of your eyes are equally important to the bottom. You know how you can get crinkles at the sides when you smile? That is due to sagging skin, which can be prevented by applying the eye cream to that area.Remember to gently pat it in, and not stretch it across your under eye area.– – 4) Never massage your own skinI know this is an extremely controversial topic. Personally, I have seen results from people who did not know how to massage their facial skin properly only to have adverse effects.It is fine if you do not believe in going to facials, as I once did, but you do need a trained hand to massage your own skin. If you are not a professional, or have not asked for help from one, try to stay away from it. Massage can sometimes lead to wrinkles or even more lines than you started out with.– – 5) Never miss out on masks at least once a weekMasks, be it sheets or natural, should be applied once to twice a week for best results. Normally, over that amount can actually cause your skin to become worse than it actually was because it can get immune to the effects of that particular mask.

Masks help give us that 15 minutes of respite – to sit away somewhere, or lie down, and just close our eyes and relax. They give us that extra boost we need to look like we slept for 8 hours when we only slept for 1. They allow us to look glowy, healthy, and livelier when in fact we are sleep/food-deprived art students. You will find that doing masks in the long term play out to longer-lasting results. Do not expect an overnight change; instead, be patient and know that your efforts will eventually pay off.If you have sensitive skin, try doing some natural masks such as honey with yoghurt, or just plain manuka honey, etc. If you have normal skin, sheet masks should be just fine. Combination and Oily skins could do well with a weekly clay mask followed with a hydrating one to even everything out.– – Well, this brings about the end to my extremely wordy blogpost, but I genuinely hope it will help some of you to understand your skin better.If you’ve got any questions about anything, or would like a more in-depth review about any product I’ve briefly written about, please let us know and we will get to it for you. 🙂See you soon!(♥) Sam 

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