Big News: Saying goodbye to Curated Taste, but saying hello to designer fashion deals at Kendra Found It.

The other day I sourced a $15,000 couch for $2,000. A few months ago, I purchased a brand new $1,000 designer bucket bag for $200. Why does this matter? Because it’s time for a change.

The time for Curated Taste as you know it has come to an end – but this isn’t the end of me or my writing. In fact, this is the beginning of something new.

I started writing, blogging, and copywriting because I love it, but I feel like Curated Taste has grown into something that isn’t exactly me anymore. I still think it’s funny when people refer to me as a fashion blogger because that’s actually my least favourite part of writing. Taking outfit photos, posing in expensive clothing, and getting the perfect candid shot (that’s not actually candid, by the way) has felt very forced for me lately. I tried to keep up, but the more I tried, the more I felt left behind.

Major fashion bloggers are doing incredible things; there are some fierce #girlbosses out there, so what do I have to offer that they don’t? Endless designer clothes, flexible schedules, and trips around the world aren’t my 24/7 reality, so I’ve decided to transition Curated Taste into something that’s a little more me.


What do I have to offer? I know how to shop big, but spend small; I’ve been known as the “sourcing” person in my work and personal life for as long as I can remember. Anyone that knows me personally knows that if you mention you’re looking for [enter the item here], you may get a message or phone call from me in a few days, weeks, or months telling you where to buy it at a great price. My closet is full of beautiful designer items, but I honestly don’t think I’ve paid full price for anything in years. In short, I’m really good at sourcing designer items on a budget; I love beautiful things, but I really love beautiful things that aren’t full price.

So starting today, I’m launching Kendra Found It (KFI). What will you find at KFI? Designer discounts that are at least 40% off (brands like Tory Burch, Voluspa, Alexander Wang, and Vince), shopping tips and tricks, how to features, beauty information, home décor, outfit posts (done my way!), and pretty much everything else that’s on my mind. In addition to all this, I’ll post deals live as I find them so you can find them at the exact same time as I do.

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All in all, Curated Taste isn’t really coming to an end – it’s rolling over into something that offers me a fresh start (and much better deals). My style, beauty, and fashion will still be the same, but from now on, I’m going to focus on staying true to myself and leveraging my personal skills, interests, and abilities. What you see is what you get (and what you see will be at least 40% off).

Before I say goodbye as Curated Taste and introduce myself as Kendra Found It, I’d like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for all my loyal Curated Taste readers  – CT would be nothing without you. I hope that you’ll continue this fashion, beauty, and style journey with me to my new site because I think you’re all the best readers a “fashion blogger” could ask for. I know I’m biased, but I also think you’ll really like what you find.

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