Thrift Store Score – Long Bohemian Skirt Perfect for Summer

Hemlines are falling this Summer and light, long, and voluminous skirts are being spotted everywhere. As soon as I saw this trend coming, I ran to the nearest thrift store.  Finally! Long lonely skirts have been sitting in the skirt section for years, and now they are being snapped up by fashionistas allover.

Today’s thrift store score is my new favourite summer skirt.  The print is a flirty tribal and the viscose material is light, flowy and breathable.  The fitted waistline is a perfect balance to the fluid silhouette. Long skirts can be worn anywhere this summer: the beach, errand running, an afternoon walk in the sun, or shopping.  They are comfortable, versatile, and look best with a pair of wedges, flats or sandals, which will keep your overall look modern.  I found my new multicoloured staple for $6 at Value Village. I didn’t even have to try this one on to know it was a keeper.

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