Travel Series: What’s in my Makeup/toiletries bag ?

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I have always had a fascination in what people take with them in their makeup bags when they travel and seeing that I do travel quite often between HK and SG, I’d thought I’d make a video of my own showing you lovelies, what I take with me!

As you can tell from the tag above, this is a mini series so I’ll be doing another video showing you guys what I take with me on the plane in my Carry on bag which will also feature another beauty/makeup pouch with all my airplane beauty goodies as well as a blog post that Sam & I will be doing on our travel tips & tricks! The bag

The bag that I use to take all my “necessities” is from NaRaYa, which you can find both in HK and more commonly in Thailand. I got this travel bag for about 220 Bhat  (SG$ 8!!) which I felt was a great deal and despite not having a water proof lining on the inside, it does a great job in holding everything that I need. The video

Please keep in mind that I don’t take a lot of toiletries with me just because I do have a set of toiletries that I keep in HK and hence this video showcases mainly makeup products. Product List

Skincare / Hair careClarisonic Aria Shiseido Perfect UV sunscreen SPF 50 PA +++Shiseido Urban Environment sunscreen for face & body SPF 503CE Real soft cleansing Sherbet
Bioderma Sensibio Cleanser (sample)
Macadamia healing treatment oil MakeupNars Blush in Orgasm
Lancome compact powder in 03 sable
 Mac eyeshadow quad ( Dazzle light, Satin taupe, Sable an Tempting)
Urban Decay Naked flushed palette
Jurlique Rose silk finishing powder
H&M Lip shine in peach
Maybelline Baby skin pore eraser
3CE waterful concealer
Maybelline pure mineral concealer in 02
Top shop lipstick in “The damned”
Sephora lipstick in R23 crush
 Benefit Fakeup Concealer in 01 light
Benefit They’re Real mascara *update post will be coming soon
Ettu Sains Liquid liner
Top shop brow pencil EtcH&M hair elastics H&M hair clipsSasatinne Eyelash curler
Real Techniques Large powder brush
 Ecotools blush brush
Drugstore foundation brush
 Coastal Scents fluffy blending brush
 Elf “C” eye shadow brush I could have definitely brought more, but I wanted to travel light and take only the necessities because I will be looking into a couple skin care / makeup products when I’m here which are bound to fill the empty spaces within my make up bag. If you have any questions / comments leave them in either of the comment sections and I’ll get back to you asap 🙂 What are your holy grail travel makeup/skincare products?(♥)Ashley

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