Weekly Want – The J.Crew Shaped Choker. A minimalistic gold collar necklace that can be worn with everything from a crisp button-up to a sweatshirt.

When it comes to makeup, jewellery, and accessories, I often find myself living by the motto “Less is more”.  This wasn’t always my style mantra (take a look through my photos from the 2000s and you’ll see that I was powerless against the charms of a good pair of oversized hoop earrings or anything that involved rhinestones), but that’s the great thing about style – it changes and grows with you.

To the 2014 Kendra, the J.Crew Shaped Choker is minimalistic jewellery perfection.  Its bold shape and style are strong enough that it makes a statement, but doesn’t steal the sartorial show.  I love how it looks with a crisp blouse, but I wouldn’t think twice about wearing it with a fall turtleneck, a cozy sweater, or a festive holiday dress.

By the way, the fact that it’s a choker is not lost on me; my younger self is celebrating the return of a past favourite fashion trend.  When everything else changes, it’s nice to know that some things stay the same.

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J.Crew Gold Shaped Choker Necklace 2014

J.CREW-GOLD-SHAPED-CHOKER-NECKLACE| Photos Courtesy of J.Crew | Created with ShopSense |

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