Weekly Want: Madewell’s Transport Rucksack. A leather backpack that features flap pockets, tab closures, and can be monogrammed with your initials.

Madewell’s Transport Rucksack doesn’t have the word backpack in the name, and for good reason: it doesn’t look anything like a traditional book bag.  Padded shoulder straps, bulky zippers, and mesh pockets are replaced by soft leather, flap pockets, and tab closures.

The rugged rucksack’s minimalist design is the perfect mix between casual, cool, and classy; I love this bag because I can see myself using it for all occasions: lazy beach days, designer interviews, shopping with friends, running errands, and Sunday brunch.  The best part? If you want to get a little more personal, an additional $10 will get you a custom monogram for your go-to grab-and-go.

Madewell Transport Rucksack| Photos Courtesy of Madewell | Created with ShopStyle |

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