Weekly Want – Vince Orson and Orion slide sandals are perfect for summer or a warm getaway; slip on, birkenstock-like sandals that are comfortable and stylish.

It’s usually about this time every year that the visions of sugar plums dancing in my head turn into visions of me napping on the beach.  Maybe it’s because the Christmas holidays give me an (all too temporary) taste of relaxation and they never seem to be long enough.  No matter what the reason, I’m moving my focus to a warm getaway (which I might actually get to take this year!), and these Vince Slides are vacation perfection.

Lightweight and textured, they are literally a slide-on-and-go sandal that goes with everything.  The minimal leather wide strap design keeps things classy, while the rubber sole keeps things comfortable.  Yup, if these sandals were cake, you could have your cake and eat it too.


1. Vince Orson Criss Cross Slides in Flame
2. Vince Orion Two Band Slides in Pewter
3. Vince Orson Criss Cross Slides in Bone
4. Vince Orson Criss Cross Slides in Black
5. Vince Orion Two Band Slides in Nude

| Photos Courtesy of Neiman Markus and Shopbop | Created with rStyle |

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