Merino wool workout clothing? Yup, it’s a thing and isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Warm yet breathable fitness gear and a workout music mix.

The idea of working out in wool seemed counter-productive to me at first.  At the risk of entering into TMI territory, I really don’t need anything else contributing to my sweating during my BBG workouts – there’s a reason there’s a #DeathByKayla hashtag. But as I discovered (and as many people already know), merino wool is different from traditional wool:

Soft – Unlike the coarse fibres of traditional wool, merino has super fine fibres that don’t irritate skin.
Lightweight – The finest lightweight merino fibres means clothes are not thick and bulky.
Breathable – The fibre breathes to prevent overheating, where cottons and synthetics trap sweat and keep it close to skin.
Dry – Merino absorbs and releases moisture before it turns into sweat.

I took an Icebreaker merino wool outfit outside for a Saturday morning workout; their merino items are designed to mimic that of the Merino sheep: cool in the summer, yet warm in the winter. Funnily enough, our morning started warm and ended up pouring rain in the middle of our photo session – lucky for me, I had a sweater, but my photographer wasn’t so lucky.

My skin is extremely sensitive, so I was concerned that the merino fibres would irritate my high-maintenance skin, but I had no issues. It was so cozy that I ended up wearing the sweater (don’t worry, I didn’t sweat in it) for a Saturday afternoon Ikea trip, and I’m happy to report that it held up just fine against the Swedish meatball-loving crowds. I also discovered that it pairs well with $1 ice cream.  Just for the record, it’s naturally odour resistant (bacteria won’t stick to the fibres), so technically, I could have worn it anyway – those sheep are really on to something.




cute-workout-clothing running-workout-playlist2







| Fitness Apparel c/o Icebreaker| Top: Icebreaker Sphere Long Sleeve Hood | Tank: Icebreaker Spark Tank | Shorts: Icebreaker Spark Shorts | Shoes: Nike Free 5.0 | Watch: Polar A300 c/o Polar | Created with rStyle |

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