Have you met Lorna Jane? The Australian brand is expanding (including Vancouver and Toronto, Canada)! Photos of stylish fitness apparel and workout clothes.

Meet Lorna Jane – she’s athletic, determined, committed, creative, and inspirational. I’m using these words to describe a brand, but they can actually be used to describe the woman behind the brand, Lorna Jane Clarkson.

But let’s back up here – what is Lorna Jane? You may not have heard of the fitness brand until now (especially if you live in Canada), but thanks to their recent retail partnership with Nordstrom, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Revolve Clothing, Free People, and plans to open flagship stores in Vancouver and Toronto, you’ll likely be seeing a lot more LJ.

The brand originated in Australia when fitness instructor (and eventually founder), Lorna Jane Clarkson, was frustrated by the lack of stylish activewear available for women. Clarkson started out by designing colourful fitness leotards and they caught on quickly – Lorna Jane eventually grew to 189 stores worldwide in 25 years.

But the brand isn’t strictly about stylish fitness clothing; its online community promotes active living with the mantra Move Nourish Believe: move your body everyday, nourish yourself from the inside, and believe in your ability to achieve great things.

As a Canadian, I’ve been admiring Lorna Jane fitness apparel online for years now – longingly liking photos on Instagram, stalking new collections online, and spotting LJ apparel on photos of celebrities and my favourite fitness gurus. But now that the brand is available in Canada, I finally had the chance to move, nourish, and believe in Lorna Jane. I headed to Vancouver’s North Shore to run, step, hop, and burpee my way through a workout among rocks, birds, sun, and lots of trees.

My entire workout was comfortable and convenient (yes – convenient, thanks to little details like an encased elastic waistband, secret pockets, built-in shorts, reflective logos, and breathable fabrics). The styles and options are essentially endless (the brand releases up to 100 new styles each month), and most importantly, the clothing is durable. How do I know? True to form, I took a spill near the end of my workout when I tripped on a lose rock on a trail. We’re talking blood and bruising (my legs and my ego), and even a few tears. As soon as the tears of shock subsided (and before I looked at my injuries), I started panicking and asking my fiancé if my clothes were ripped. Lucky for me, it was only me that was scratched and torn up – the LJ held up! #fitnessgirlpriorities

















Outfit – Lorna Jane (c/o) | Top: Brooklyn Tank | Bra: Skilful Sports Bra | Pants: Simona 7/8 Tight | Belt: Victory Run Belt | Shorts: Game Changer Run Shorts | Shoes: Nike Free 5.0 | Watch: Polar A300 (c/o) | Created with rStyle |

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