What’s in Store: Neuw Denim

A behind the scenes look at Neuw Denim.

Neuw Denim lives up to the literal interpretation of their name.  Not only do they make denim apparel, they apply vintage fits, accents, details, fabrics, and finishes to current trends in order to make something new.

I had the opportunity to tour the Neuw Denim studio and experience the Australia-based brand first-hand. Among glass Buddhas and wood clothes hangers, I learned about a brand that fuses the past, present, and future.


Neuw’s recent collection, Black Colour Denim,  was developed with one of the oldest denim mills in the world, and embraces the cut and design of vintage denim.  It features rich and distinctive coloured denim in shades like wine, camel, and tangerine, with deep undertones that give their jeans a unique finish.  The undertones (and name) is derived from their unique design process: Neuw uses black weft thread (instead of the traditional white) to create the denim, which gives the coloured jeans their signature murky look.



In addition to having an extensive list of denim colour options and patterns, Neuw offers three different rises for women: Razor Skinny – Low Rise, Vintage Skinny – Medium Rise, and Marilyn High Skinny – High Rise.  True to their vintage-loving roots, the Marilyn High Skinny was inspired by the jeans Marilyn Monroe wore in the movie The Misfits.

With all this focus on the past, Neuw Denim hasn’t forgotten about the present or the future. By combining new ideas and old denim wisdom, Neuw has found a way to make and preserve the perfect black jean.  Their Black Raw Jean is made with Japanese black fabric, black weft yarn, and is triple dyed to ensure the deepest black possible.



In order to preserve the dye, Neuw wants you to skip the washing machine and head to your freezer instead. Each pair of black jeans comes in a zipper-seal freezer bag, which they suggest using to freeze your jeans instead of washing them.

Now that’s a Neuw concept.

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