What’s in Store: World Hippie Originals

Based out of Vancouver, World Hippie Originals is acollection of sustainable, original, handmade jewellery that originates from artisans around the world.

If you’re on the hunt for unique pieces of jewellery from around the world, look no further than British Columbia.  Based out of Vancouver, World Hippie Originals (WHO) is a curated collection of sustainable, unique, handmade jewellery that originates from artisans around the world.

Based on the philosophy that a group is greater than the individuals themselves, WHO is a jewellery community that values sustainable employment and unique products.  All of the items are handcrafted and hand packaged in recycled materials with the story behind the artist that created it.

But don’t let the term hippie fool you; the unique accessories aren’t a continuous stream of peace signs and feathers.  Many of Wold Hippie Originals’ pieces are contemporary takes on classic hippie style.  In addition to funky feathers and pretty peace signs, you’ll find skulls, stones, elephants, and chevrons.

Like what you see? Van City Pretty and World Hippie Originals are giving away a necklace and earrings set early next week.  Keep your eyes peeled on Van City Pretty for the post, and enter to win!

Pretty Picks from World Hippie Originals


Gold Woodgrain Studs


Las Rosas Earrings


Rafaela Earrings


Lucila Earrings


Ángela Necklace


Ceres Trio


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