Women and Finance – Golden Girl Finance is a Wealth of Financial Knowledge

Being a freelance female writer, I’m always on the lookout for other self-starters and inspiring women. Not only did I find what I was looking for, I found an entire website full of them. Oh, and did I mention that these brainy women also happen to be gorgeous?

I first came across Golden Girl Finance when a friend forwarded me one of their newsletters. The topics I saw ranged from intelligent cocktail party conversation suggestions, to the recent quarterly profits of Tiffany & Co. As I read the newsletter, I learned about mortgage rates, current high profile lawsuits, and the price of gold. It’s perfect for the busy female who only has time to read snippets, but still wants to stay in touch with the financial world.

The Golden Girl Finance website keeps women in touch with financial and economic markets by covering current events, market trends, financial news, and most importantly, the reason behind the news. Each article is clear, concise, interesting, and witty.

My favorite section, Money Media, takes everyday stories and explains the economics, financial impact, and associated advice behind the story. A recent Starbucks article explains the finance behind the increasing price of coffee and what exactly a spectator is in relation finance.   I now have another reason to justify my expensive coffee addiction.

If that’s not enough, the GGF website can be browsed by age, so if you’re looking for information pertaining to your current situation, or wondering what you should be planning for at your age, search no further.

GGF is giving women the tools, knowledge, and knowhow to empower them to make intelligent financial decisions. While they are at it, they can also tell you how to justify and maximize the resale valueof that new luxury purse you’ve been coveting. Who says finance is boring?

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