You Lose You Win: How This Ex-Emotional Eater Lost 21kg

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A doctor’s appointment was the wake-up call that convinced Sharina Manmohan to do something about her ballooning weight. “My heart sank when I stood on the scale during my annual check up. At 88kg, my doctor warned me that I may not be able to have children if I didn’t do something about my weight,” she recalls. “I decided it was time to take charge of my life while I still had the time.”

The Change
Just like everyone else who decides to lose weight, Manmohan encountered plenty of obstacles as her body adjusted to her new lifestyle. “After joining a gym, I thought the obvious, easiest step was to hire a personal trainer,” she recalls. “But you should only hire one when you really want to make a change or else you’ll just be wasting your money when you lack the motivation or feel you can get away with being lazy for a few days.”

The 31-year-old started working out in late 2013 with laps in the pool for an hour every day and an uphill walk five times a week. She incorporated cardio and weight lifting after a couple of weeks of being more active. 

When she had regained strength and enthusiasm for working out, she started doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). But what kept her spirits up during this tough stage? “My before photos are a constant reminder of what I don’t want to be,” she says. “I feel they really help me to keep working towards what I want to become.”

The Lifestyle
For Manmohan, her biggest obstacle is her diet. “I’ve learned to be disciplined, but when I eat something that I’m not supposed to, I’ll make up for it by adding an extra session to my workout,” she says. “It’s a more realistic way of ‘punishing’ myself rather than feeling guilty.”

Only 2kg away from her ideal weight, Manmohan, who’s the CEO of Nails on Wheels, an on-the-go service for quick and professional manicures and pedicures, works out at least five times a week. The biggest change that she’s made so far is putting a stop to her emotional eating, which was one of the main causes of her weight gain.  She’s also amped up her diet with lots of lean protein, healthy carbs and plenty of fruit and vegetables. 

The Reward
How does she feel about herself now? “I feel great. I feel healthier, confident, sexier and more beautiful,” she replies. “I feel so proud of myself and I’m looking forward to seeing how much further I can go.”

However, Manmohan knows it’s not easy to reach your ultimate body goal. “There will be times when you just want to give up and eat a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Before you give in, take a deep breath and remind yourself why you started this journey in the first place,” she advises. “Stay positive and make sure you have a great support system that can push you to do the things that you find the hardest.”


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