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Flu season isn’t here just yet – but I’d thought I’d share this amazing product with you that helped make the road to recovery just that much better. Blocked/Runny noses can be one of the most irritable things ever, it gets the our nose area either terribly dry or incredibly sore from blowing out the mucus.

BUT DO NOT WORRY! Have no fear, help is here! All that can be solved with Smith’s Rosebud Salve ! 

I used to only use it for my lips in my normal skincare regimen but when I got sick, my nose area started to get really sore so I simply applied the product to soothe the area. It made breathing through my mouth (when my nose was blocked) a lot more comfortable –  as it created a protective layer between my sore/ irritated skin and the air that constantly made it a lot dryer. 
Personally, this is a product that I like to take on flights with me in the tube version (so its a little more hygienic, depending on your preferences really) to soothe any dry patches that I might have, as the cabin pressure tends to suck the moisture out. 
While there may be other products like such in the market, there’s a light scent that that comes within this particular product that brings about a sense of comfort when applied. The texture isn’t as thick as your typical petroleum jellies (Depending on the condition you store your rosebud salve in) and re-application usually doesn’t take more than twice a day (upon personal experience) depending on your current lip condition. Application on the lips is beyond smooth and although it looks pink in the container, it appears clear.

The rosebud salve is no doubt a staple product that every girl should have in their makeup/skin care collection. A smooth canvas in prepping for your makeup is always the best. In fact, you can create a very simple lip care routine out of it too! Should you guys want to know how – Do not hesitate and leave it in the comments section telling us you’d like to see it and we will definitely put up a video about it within the following week! 
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