My Hair Care Routine

Where do I begin…

My hair care routine is complicated- complicated in the sense that I probably swap out my shampoo’s and conditions ever so often because after awhile it stops working for me. However! The condition of my hair has come a long way –

The Journey
  1.  I used to have uncontrollably wavy short hair in which I “cured” through going for rebonding twice. 
  2. I then stopped because I fell in love with Sailing and hence saw no reason to continue the rebonding process 
  3. I started learning to take care of my hair a lot more and the waves within my hair became a lot easier to manage!
  4. My passion for being out at sea / swimming in pools has naturally turned my hair a sort of reddish brown tint that is prominent under the sun
  5. Much later, I decided to get extra reddish- brown highlights to enhance the naturally obtained ones I had earlier on.
(click below to find out what products I use !)

My current hair condition: Relatively healthy despite the dry ends – curls are looser and not frizzing out. Colour wise, you can pretty much tell that it differs depending on the lighting. However please bear in mind that my hair care routine doesn’t target towards  keeping the colour,  but more of hydrating/ caring for it to make it look healthy.


  1. shampoo/ condition / twice a week treatment
  2. add oil to the ends to my towel dried hair
  3. blow dry / air dry

As far as shampoo and conditioner goes, I like to switch it up between the Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo / conditioner or the Schwarzkopf BC KUR clear up shampoo and the nutritive treatment – They do the basic task of getting rid of all the gunk from the day.

I do prefer the Macadamia Natural Oil set a little better as it does have a more clarifying feel and the treatment masque is probably one of the best I’ve tried in a really long time! Not to mention the amazing smell it leaves behind, but also the way it makes you hair instantly smooth even after it being air dried. However I do switch it up between the two to make sure that my hair doesn’t become “immune” to the effects of the products.

I strongly recommend letting your conditioner sit in your hair for about 3-5 mins in a shower cap to let the product sink in – and in this time you could be cleansing your face, exfoliating your body etc – I do feel that the extra time given to allow the conditioner sink in really makes a big difference.

Treatment oils

Seeing that the ends of my hair are pretty dry, I like to air dry my hair and once its bout 40% dry, I like to take the Macadamia Healing Oil treatment and apply it to the ends of my hair.  This not only comes with a refreshing sweet scent but also helps to prevent frizz and keeps my hair rather tamed. As my hair is pretty thick, I do like to re- apply it the next morning before I head out just to make sure that there’s less chance of my hair frizzing up thanks to the ungodly weather in Singapore.

Hot tools
I honestly believe that the brand of your hair dryer doesn’t matter as much as the application of the tool to your hair. Do try to get a hair dryer that has moderation of 3 different types of Heat, this is to maintain healthy hair without having to over dry the cuticles.

The best way to go about it would be to dry your hair about 80% with warm heat, and use cool air for the last 20% – this helps prevent frizz as the cool air helps to close the hair cuticles that have been open up with the warm heat. I do not recommend blow drying your hair all the time as it could dry out your hair so do switch it up between air drying ( letting it dry naturally) and blow drying.

Rating for the Macadamia Natural oil products: 9 /10
Rating for the Schwarzkopf products : 8 /10

Macadamia products can be found here 
Schwarzkopf products can be found a your hair salons.

That pretty much sums it up for my hair care routine, I do alternate with other products from time to time – and will have a post up comparing the few soon.  Should you guys have any further questions do leave us a comment and I’ll be more than happy to tend to them!

Hope you all are having a great wednesday! 

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