Hair Care: Routine for Coloured Hair

Hi lovelies,

I got my hair coloured a couple weeks back and have been dealing with my hair feeling rather dry with my previous hair care routine so I decided to switch it up with the recommendations from my dad who is a hair dresser & Trichologist.  Obviously my hair has new needs now, being that I hope to have long lasting colour and hydration is definitely key after all the chemicals that have been put in.I’ve switched it up and have seen pretty decent results and I’d thought Id share them with you! 

So for all the ladies with coloured hair, this one is for you! 


1) Shiseido professional Luminogenic Shampoo for coloured hair (deluxe sample size)
2) Shiseido professional Luminogenic Treatment for coloured hair  (deluxe sample size)
3) Green Light Cristalli Liquidi  (full size) 


Shiseido Professional Luminogenic Shampoo and Treatment

Shiseido has focused on hair colour fading caused by the loss of dye and melanin pigments. LUMINOGENIC incorporates Shiseido’s original colour Rentention Technology, which prevents the loss of dye and melanin pigments making the colour last a lot longer. Claims to “Prevent hair colour from fading and makes salon colour last visibly longer while ensuring hair stays shiny and supple.”

Green Light Cristalli Liqudi

It has a polishing and disentangling action. Instructions of use: apply a very small quantity of the product on cleansed and towel dried hair, distributing strand by strand on the lengths and ends. Style as desired. 

Problems Faced

My hair becomes really wild, is hard to manage and at times the ends can feel crispy.


Here are the simple steps that I take whilst using these products. Keep in Mind, that some people see more effects when putting the hair oil after blow drying your hair or even applying it the next morning as there might be natural oil that secrets overnight. Its just a matter of what works for you 🙂 
  1. I lather the shampoo up between my palms with a little bit of water before applying it to my hair.
  2. rinse throughly 
  3. I take the treatment (i.e. the conditioner) and apply it to my hair, focusing on the midsection down to the roots.
  4. I take my wide tooth comb from Macadamia Natural Oils and comb the treatment through my hair and leave it for about 5 minutes or so whilst carrying out the rest of my shower routine.
  5. Rinse
  6. Towel dry hair till about 40% dry
  7. Apply the Green Light Cristalli Liqudi to the midsection down to the roots. 
  8. Air dry for about 5 mins then blow dry or blow dry right away 

The Results

My hair as you can tell looks a lot softer and is definitely a lot more manageable. The colour intensity is still present and has not faded after I believe 2 weeks into dying my hair.

Overall Thoughts

* apologies, I woke up with uneven eyelids and hence… it looks a little odd there haha

Shiseido Professional Luminogenic Shampoo and Treatment

There isn’t a particular texture to the product that makes it stand out from the rest neither is there a scent that comes with it. After washing out the treatment you are able to feel that your hair is a little bit silkier than its initial state. 

Green Light Cristalli Liqudi
I’ve been using this product for quite a long time now, but only realized how amazing it works hand in hand with the Shiseido prodcuts. It has an amazing smell to it, and a little bit of this can go a very long way.  I absolutely love this hair oil and unfortunately it is rather hard to find but feel free to check out their website

Recommended for
In general, they’re all great products and it may not work for everyone because everyone’s hair type is different, so to make things a lot more relatable to you here’s a description of my hair type ; thick hair, dry ends, naturally wavy and I don’t have particular issues of having oily hair.

– People who have just recently coloured their hair and feel the need to revive the condition of your hair
– To keep the colour intensity

Would I repurchase?

Yes! I am going to purchase the full size version of the Shiseido line for sure because its restored at least 75% of my natural hair condition and seeing that I coloured it, it really is something to have some what healthy looking hair.

Stockist: I believe these products are only sold at salons or specific hair dressing shops – if you are in Hong Kong for the moment are are looking to purchase these products do leave a comment and I’ll definitely reply. 

Overall Rating: 8 /10 ( It doesn’t hydrate my hair 100% but only about 75%)

I hope this has helped you!
if you have any questions, leave them as a comment!
Much Love,

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