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Hi thurrrrr,

as you all know, I face tons of issues with my hair. One is because I do not condition it or use treatment serums, etc. *guilty face*. Sometimes I think to myself, if I’ve got such a good shampoo (totally in love with my L’Oreal Mythic Oil Shampoo – review here), why should I condition it? It’s such a lazy mindset, which is terrible.

Recently, however, I dyed my Chestnut Brown (though my boyfriend claims he sees no difference), and that’s caused my hair to magically transform into straw. Well, okay it used to be straw in the first place, but now it’s like shredded straw. I do not know what I’m rambling on about. So right, I do use a conditioner now called Lavera Apple Shampoo, and it’s been amazing; BUT!! BUT!!! My hair has no shape. Unless messy is a shape.

Thus I decided to make my way down to DuSol Beauty (originally called Spa Scene) located at Raffles City, and do a treatment called Volume Magic Rebonding. If you guys aren’t sure what that is, here is a brief description and a quick video: (credits to John and Jack Blog)


Volume Magic Rebonding pays attention to maximizing root volume; thus giving your hair a lively feel and making it easier to style. It also gives a natural inward curl to your hair. Volume Magic Rebonding is suitable for all hair lengths, but not all hair types.

This Volume Magic Rebonding technology from korea will last around 3 – 4 months compared to 1 – 2 months on a normal rebonding. Volume Magic Rebonding can last up to a maximum of 6months with proper maintenance of hair.

Why I Decided on This Treatment

Now, I did not go into this unknowingly, hoping that I would look like a Korean popstar (not that I can ever look like one). The first time I did Volume Magic was about 4 years ago, in Korea itself! It’s way cheaper there because it’s a typical Korean hairstyling service, whilst in Singapore it’s a specialized service, so you get the drift.

I was rather depressed when my treatment started to wear off a few months after returning to Singapore, and my Korean friends all suggested that I tried this salon out! I was a little hesitant because of the price (SGD $340 for my length) but I had to do what I had to do. I did not regret it then, and I do not regret it now. I know the description says it’d last to a maximum of about 6 months, but the effects of my previous one actually lasted till a good one and a half years later – so no regrets on my part (please note that this varies from every individual).

A “Before” Photo

This is a picture of me before, so you have a better understanding of my hair. I believe this is already one of the best states it can be in because I’ve gone for two treatments at Essensuals already.. so it’s quite depressing.

As you’d notice, my hair doesn’t stay in place much, and even curls out at some parts. Whilst some people might find it cute (I was told by some idiotic person to “embrace” them -_-), I find it quite annoying and unmanageable to be honest. I sometimes tie my hair up and leave the hair tie tighter in some areas to “press” the curls down. It’s a lot of effort.. and I’m not going to deny that it’s one of the biggest reasons I’ve “given up” on my hair. If you know me, I have extremely thick hair (which is constantly in need of layering/thinning) and each strand is coarse on its own as well.

I’ve also recently dyed it a Chestnut Brown using the Liese Bubble Treatment, which has only made my hair drier.. so all in all it’s become a little bit of a lost cause.

My visit

Here are some pictures of my visit. In Raffles City, the signages still point you towards “Spa Scene”, which I suppose many people still refer to it as. So don’t be alarmed.

Sorry about the lack of pictures! I was extremely sleepy and tired at the time of my appointment so I only managed these few from my seat. I also didn’t go too in-depth with the step by step because I don’t think I can do it better than the video.

But I will list what basically happened:

1) Washing of Hair
2) Drying of Hair
3) Cutting/Thinning of Hair
4) Applying Chemicals to my Hair
5) Wrapping Hair in Cling Wrap for about 30 minutes
6) Washing out of Chemicals
7) Rebonding Middle Sections of Hair/ Curling the Ends
8) Applying Neutralizer
9) Waiting for another 15-20 minutes for it to set
10) Washing out the Neutralizer
11) Quick 10-Minute Hair Treatment
12) Blow Dry and Apply Serum! 🙂

If you notice, one difference my process had from the video is that I did not perm or tong my roots for the volume. Mine was, as you can see, more about tonging and curling the bottom for waves. I think Edward, my stylist, knew I was kind of against the “poofy” look all along, so he didn’t do that for me.

“After” Photos

Here is my hairstylist, Edward, who I’ve trusted with my hair (for this technique) for years. I suppose it’s because he’s Korean, so the whole thing feels authentic, lol. I never fail to request for his services because he’s extremely thorough and patient. He has no qualms listening to all of my requests and never fails to deliver. 🙂

If I’m right, I even read somewhere that a customer constantly goes back to the salon because she thinks he’s hot hahahaha. I’ll give it to him that he’s very well dressed every time I go back there! I’ve also taken the liberty in snapping more pictures whilst at home, and after having washed it a few times, so that you guys won’t think the reason for it looking so smooth is because the salon styled it that way.

Overall thoughts

If there’s one thing that astounds me, it’s that my recently “rebonded” (I use “” because the ends are still curled in very nicely) feels way softer than when I did my hair treatment! It falls beautifully past my shoulders with no weird curling outwards at all!

My boyfriend kept touching my hair that day because he said he’s never seen it look this nice in our past three years together hahaha. Sad, but also true! Ash loves it too – and she’s normally quite discerning in her judgement so yay! 10,000 thumbs up! Also, what I LOOOOOOVE about this is that my hair no longer needs to be styled. ZERO STYLING. Minimal effort, maximum results. WOOHOO! I really get what I pay for – which is to be as lazy as I’d like. Of course, I still keep up with treatments/conditioning now and then but I do not have to blow or curl my hair anymore. I let it air dry into beautiful goodness (HAHA so extreme).

I feel like I should mention this, just in case some people get undesirable results: PLEASE PLEASE ask whether your hair type is suitable for this treatment Some people have hair that is too dry or too “done” with past coloring/perming so the full effects of the Volume Magic cannot be seen. Speaking for myself however, thank you Edward for an amazing head of hair. You’re the best! 🙂

Directions to Salon

It’s located on the Third Floor of Raffles City (You need to alight at City Hall MRT Station). If I’m right, it’s behind this wooden toy shop called Das Erzgebirge-Haus.

The exact address is:

  • 252 North Bridge road #03-27A Raffles City Shopping / Singapore, Singapore 179103

The opening hours are from Monday-Sunday: 10.00am – 9.00pm

Please call: 6337 4424 for more information


Even though the prices are stated as such, I still think it’s better to call and check what the exact ratings might be. To me, my hair was considered Medium but they charged it as Long. I suppose anything below your shoulders is considered long and anything below your ears is considered Medium. You get the drift.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10
(because the effects aren’t permanent)

Thank you Edward!
You’re my savior!
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