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Hi pretty ladies,

Having been out under the sun, having my hair submerged in both chlorine and sea water – has really and truly taken a toll on my hair condition. It got to the point where I could no longer brush through my hair without having to stop to comb through the knots. My Dad suggested I do a Shiseido Treatment, and seeing that the Shiseido products have worked really well for me,  I placed the care of my hair in my dad’s hands.

I have used Shiseido Professional Hair products before and they’ve worked out amazingly, you can click here to read all about it. If you guys have been hitting the pool a lot and have realized that all that chlorine is drying your hair out, this might be a solution that you can explore!

Problems Faced

I mean isn’t that just painful to look at?! In the picture you can tell that I’ve got quite a number of split ends and that my hair is really dry. My hair was… well the photo speaks for itself. Horrible. Dry. Frizzy.

The Products

1. Shiseido Profession Aqua Intensive Multi Care Milk ( Damaged Hair )
2. Shiseido Professional Luminogeni Mask ( Coloured Hair )
3. Shiseido Professional Luminogenic Treatment ( Coloured Hair )

I swear, I’ve never ever had softer hair before. I’m not sure that every hair salon has the same treatment line up avaliable to you, but these are the products that my dad has put together to overcome to problems that I face with my given hair condition.

The Process

Before the treatment process began, the split ends of my hair were cut off because it was getting far too long and as you can tell, wasn’t very healthy looking. I’d say about 2 and a half inches of my hair was cut off.

Step One:  Divide and Conquer! 
Like I said, navigating through my hair was pretty tough because it was dry and just hard to manage. So here They’ve started to divide my hair into sections and applied product number one! Which is the Shiseido Profession Aqua Intensive Multi Care Milk for damaged hair.

Step Two: Letting it Sit
After the product has been applied to every section of my hair, it’s then put up in a bun and left under the Steamer for 10 mins.  After which, my hair is left to cool off and then it’s rinsed off.

Step Three: Mask Two & Three
Step Three embodies the application of the two other products, Shiseido Professional Luminogeni Mask ( Coloured Hair ) and the Shiseido Professional Luminogenic Treatment ( Coloured Hair ). I believe each product was left to set for about 10 minutes each.

Step Four: The Grand Reveal
After Rinsing out the product, my hair is then blown out to reveal the unbelievably soft and smooth hair.

Before and After

Overall Thoughts

My hair is incredibly smooth, Of course Trimming the dead ends off have made a difference but just the overall look of my hair is a lot healthier and easier to manage. I can run my hands through my hair without encountering any knots and rest assured that was what I did for the rest of the night haha.  In case you were wondering, I did not have my hair straightened but just blown out.

After two washes, my hair is still incredibly soft and comfortable. No fuss despite the horrible humid weather we have in Hong Kong at the moment. I feel that I have hair equivalent to those depicted in TV commercials.

Overall Rating: 9 / 10

Price : HK$600 / 700 + @ Wing Tang Hair 
All Shiseido Professional Products can only be found at hair salons, they do not sell them elsewhere. Should you want the same treatment done for you, you can head over to the Wing Tang Hair Salon at Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong.  The treatment for my hair length I believe is about HK$700. The price varies on the length of your hair but it starts from 600 + .

Should you want to buy the Shiseido Professional Products mentioned within the post, You can also purchase them at the Wing Tang Hair salon to do this treatment at home 🙂 !

To make an appointment: (+852) 2739 0671 

Address: Kowloon Shangri-La, 64 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong

Opening hours: 9 am – 6:30 (last appointment) 

Hellooooo soft and silky hair! 
Much Love

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